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about time to....

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papaya · 18/01/2006 12:52

they are going to start making more affordable rear facing pushchairs.....

rgds under 2's only suppsed to be watching half an hour of tv a day....hey, it keeps mine quiet

OP posts:
Aero · 18/01/2006 12:55

Taking what!! (sorry - couldn't resist the headline typo) lol

Good news though.

papaya · 18/01/2006 12:58

lol....hadnt even noticed that

OP posts:
Aero · 18/01/2006 12:58
SoupDragon · 18/01/2006 13:03

"Latest research reveals that if kids can't see the person who is pushing them, they are slower to learn to talk"

I dread to think what DS1 would have been like if he'd been in a rear facing pushchair. I've not been able to "shut him up" since he learnt to talk at about 10 months.

LIZS · 18/01/2006 13:23

But that is a load of cobblers cos Silver Cross, Inglesina, Mothercare, Hauck, M and P, to name but a few, do rearward/forward facing pushchairs for under £500

Feistybird · 18/01/2006 13:35

Soupy, my DD2 too. We taught her to hold her breath, just so we'd get 5 seconds of peace

Hulababy · 18/01/2006 13:40

LOL Soupdragon. us too. DD only ever had a forward facing pushchair and she talks non stop. Found her voice very early on, said her first words from 6 months and has never stopped. According to that if she had been facin me it would be worse!

I can't see how this research can be true TBH, unles a child in in the pushchair constantly or it is the only placetheir parent speaks to them. DD didn't spend that much time in her pushchair I guess. But we still spoke to her when she was - as did every passerby!!!

ruty · 18/01/2006 13:43

are you sure lizs? cos i couldn't find one, but then i only looked in mothercare.

starlover · 18/01/2006 13:49

i have an i'coo which is rear facing. cost me £289 but have seen them recently for £189
m'care stock the 3 wheel version.

if you want a rear-facing pushchair they can be found for well under £500

Hulababy · 18/01/2006 14:08

Just about to post to say you can get an I'coo Ifinity for £154.99 here The seat is reversible.

ruty · 18/01/2006 14:14

wish i'd know that before! We ended up getting a great big clunking chicco pram whic ds always hated -cost nearly £500, and so he ended up in a sling until 8 months when we bought a mclaran stroller for under £100. Fist pram a waste of money.

ruty · 18/01/2006 14:15

i like the look of that Icoo one!

Piffle · 18/01/2006 14:18

Thank god I had one for ds then (he's now 12) he has not shut up since he was 11mths
hate to think what he'd be like had I offered him such stimulation....

LIZS · 18/01/2006 17:05

Mothercare reversible one here £179.99 not particularly lightweight though . M and P Venezia £250 including car seat . Pramette @ £270 Isn't I'Coo made by Hauck ?

starlover · 18/01/2006 20:05

yeah i'coo is sort of their prestige range! lol
VERY well made... best pram i've ever had. downside.. it is VERY heavy

divamummy · 18/01/2006 20:30

bebeconfort loola was good to face both directions, sadly not good rural place where we live

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