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Why Babies Make You Brainy

9 replies

Mercy · 16/01/2006 18:56

Did anyone else see this article in yesterday's Observer?

I've tried to do a link but it won't work . It's on page 4 of the main paper

OP posts:
harpsichordcarrier · 16/01/2006 18:57

no I didn't
can anyone do a link??
woul dbe very inyerested

Aloha · 16/01/2006 19:01

interesting research, but in my case what childbirth has given, wine and sleep deprivation has taken away...

WigWamBam · 16/01/2006 19:03

Is this it?

Tinker · 16/01/2006 19:04


Must admit, when I read this I did not recognise myself. Feel I can't keep up with debates these days, keep forgetting simple words...

Aloha · 16/01/2006 19:05

mumsnet is proof that babies dont make you stupid!

OldieMum · 16/01/2006 19:52

As a pregnant 44 year-old, I loved this article.

leogaela · 17/01/2006 09:45

I can see that.
How many of you imagined that you could cope with a child before you had one? Think how efficient mothers are and more able to prioritise than the average childless woman. How many more tasks are you able to juggle at one time than you could before. How inventive and coordinated you become to be able to do things with a baby in one arm or to entertain your child.
Tinker, its only the sleep deprivation and maybe the focus on energy on your child/children that makes you forgetful.

nanneh · 17/01/2006 14:54

Virgin rats ? FGS ! I mean it seems obvious to me that a rat with babies would be faster at finding this increased brain power or just "maternal instinct" or "survival instinct" in a rat ?

I must say, since having DS 19 months ago, I feel far less intelligent (yes, sleep deprivation has alot to do with it) and all my chores are menial, none of them involve great brain power compared my previous careers !

Oh, and I am certainly no quicker at finding food...sometimes I spend ages and ages just going round the aisles looking for something at Tesco and end up asking the shop assistant...a bit like a virgin rat really

stephanie21 · 17/01/2006 15:01

i must be extremely brainy then,i've had 5 kids!but i still forget things and lose things!will have to remember to tell dh that its official,i am cleverer than him!!!

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