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mammanetta · 09/01/2012 17:47

Peppa Pig is so harmless and sweet.
How is she a brat exactly?!
Charlie and Lola is outright hilarious - so what if my nearly 4 year old DD occasionally now quips "I am NOT sleepy and I will NOT go to bed"! (she is, and then does, by the way)...they will always copy and cite stuff back, but the point is she knows it's just a film and that it's meant to be funny, so hasn't changed her behaviour in the slightest. Plus, as others have said, at least there are the little moral tales hidden within, as well.
What I really loathe are Waybuloos and Rasta-effing-mouse, who do not speak properly, or in the case of Waybuloos not at all...DD imitating dialogue/expressions or general English which is incomplete or incorrect, really pisses me off - hard enough to get kids speaking good English without crap that encourages the opposite.


EnjoyResponsibly · 09/01/2012 18:02

Trixie and Sidge I love Acorn Day too, but top favourite is the TRIP TO THE MOON. I love the way the Wise Old Elf wears a Gene Krantz (Apollo 13) waistcoat in mission control.

I need to get out more Smile

fluffypinkcurlygirl · 09/01/2012 19:05

Someone else already mentioned the episode with mummy pig at the fair. that one's my favourite.

JjandtheBean · 09/01/2012 19:17

My dd is called Lola, she's quoted on several occasions, "I will not ever, not never eat a tomatoe" they do make her gag, and she loves pink milk, she doesn't even watch it that often its just who she is, a mental normal toddler.

StitchingMoss · 09/01/2012 19:21

We're big PP fans here - I think it reflects normal childish behaviour rather than encouraging it tbh and would agree with those whose children will now not jump in muddy puddles unless they have their boots on Grin!

My favourite episode is when they go to daddy pig's work - they do such unbelievably pointless jobs which is a fair reflection of a lot of office jobs really Grin Wink!

Thetallestsunflower · 09/01/2012 19:55

My kids used to watch this when they were younger. I think the show just bases its charactors on typical toddler/pre school behaviour rather than kids copying the behaviour. I think they would show these behaviours whether or not they watch the show as its part of normal development; testing boundries etc..

Spink · 09/01/2012 19:59

Mummy and Daddy Pig are role models in this house Wink they are so unflappable and calm but don't let P & G get away with real naughtiness. In fact WWDPD (What would Daddy Pig do) is Spink family code when dh is losing his patience with the dcs and getting flustered...

pointythings · 09/01/2012 20:01

sunflower exactly - I think the makers of the show have really looked at 3-year-olds and younger toddlers and modelled Peppa and George on that. I don't see Peppa as particularly rude or cheeky at all, just a normal 3yo - when mine were that age they were perfectly capable of understanding what was funny and what was rude.

Parents looking for an excuse, IMO.

olivo · 09/01/2012 20:21

Pepp has got me through rainy days, illnesses, long haul flights, and lazy days for over 4 years now; I won;t hear a bad word said against her! I was delighted when DD2 took over where DD1 left off!!

Holly is played by Zoe Zebra - i lurve Ben and Holly too - magic!

AdaMillMaybury · 09/01/2012 20:21

Best Ben & Holly is The Party ("Tarquin's a monster !") with the room of unspeakable things that Redbeard has to rescue them from. Nanny Plum (Miss Rabbit) is comedy gold.

Also Grampy Rabbit as voiced by Brian Blessed is wonderful.

BertieBotts · 09/01/2012 20:26

The one thing DS has picked up from that is, on hearing "That's not funny, DS" he will reply with "It is a bit funny" which, unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 makes me laugh Blush

Is the "You are my best friend/not my best friend/my best friend EVER" thing from Peppa Pig? DS does that as well, it is quite a handy way to find out who he's pleased with and who he's cross with...

trixie123 · 09/01/2012 20:26

Trip to the moon is great - Nanny Plum lost in space "and she didn't even go to to the toilet!". Was mildly Hmm at the Elf Games when Holly wants "looking pretty" in as an event, backed up by Lizzie Elf, but again, may be spending TOO much time on this Grin. Overall, as with most things, people are always looking for something to have a go at. PP and B&H are intelligent, well scripted and deal with (especially in PP) realistic scenarios, not frigging ninky nonks and whatever the fuck else is going on in the night garden Smile

BertieBotts · 09/01/2012 20:27

The makers of Peppa Pig/Ben and Holly are excellent indeed. I love programmes which work on two levels.

tassisssss · 09/01/2012 20:31

I adore PP.

Fellow PP lovers should watch out for it at the theatre. It gets pretty mixed reviews but I think is PERFECT for a first theatre. I've been twice and am considering going a third time (have taken a different daughter each time but my youngest at 3.5 still talks about it loads and we went about 8 months ago).

MosEisley · 09/01/2012 20:40

My favourite B&H is the one where the Elves arrange a birthday party for King Thistle who is in denial about his age, and sing the strangely catch tune, 'Old King Thistle is a very old king, and he's one year older today'!

My fav PP is Edward Elephant's bday party where Peppa and her pals are 'helpers'. Been there done that - it reflects reality.
I also like the visit to the newborn cousin where George pretends to be a baby.

dementedma · 09/01/2012 20:44

peppa pig should be banned because it is absolutely bloody shite and probably the most annoying programme on televison.
"here's Daddy pig "said in really annoying voice
"hello daddy"
"here's mummy pig"
"hello mummy" etc etc etc.
utter bollox

Sidge · 09/01/2012 20:48

I just love the way B&HLK is so surreal in parts - JELLY FLOOD!!!! - and yet so risque in others. A bit like Pixar films, it goes right over the children's heads but adults love it.

MudAndGlitter · 09/01/2012 20:49

My new mantra may have to be what would mummy pig do!
If only I were that calm and unflappable!

mike1May · 09/01/2012 20:49

Most of the responses are rational, but some of them make these forums a laughing stock. If you think that Peppa Pig is offensive or whatever, you really need to get out more.

StitchingMoss · 09/01/2012 21:07

Love the newborn cousin - DS1 couldn't believe the baby pig had the same name as him Grin!

YY to the Ben & Holly episode of the King's birthday - brilliant Grin.

Both programmes eminently more watchable that most of the shite that passes for children's programmes nowadays Hmm.

girliefriend · 09/01/2012 21:12

Love Peppa Pig kids like it because it reflects pretty accurately what they are like.

Also like charlie and lola and the one where everything is recycled.

Don't like waybaloo - think its cheap terrible tat and luckily my dd has enough sense to think so to!!!

dementedma · 09/01/2012 21:20

it reflects accurately what kids are like?
What? personality-free pigs in human clothes who can drive cars and live on top of a really realistic hill?

mike1May · 09/01/2012 21:26

It's a bloody big hill though!

tassisssss · 09/01/2012 21:32

So, I like that there's a mum and a dad, a brother and a sister and grandparents (I realise this isn't every kids experience but it's amazing how few TV programmes present this). I like that they do normal kid activities like going to the library and going swimming and shopping and doing the recycling. It's slow and tame and calm. My dds have LOVED it from ages 2 to 4. It certainly reflects kids experiences more than teletubbies, fimbles and waybelloos (or whatever, my kids don't watch) and other programmes aimed at similar ages.

JjandtheBean · 09/01/2012 21:37

I agree with MOS Edmund elephants birthday is a brilliant peppa pig episode, the disheveled exhausted look of the 'bigger' children is priceless and accurate.

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