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Freak accident in Abergele-Rhyl cycling club

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cutekids · 08/01/2006 20:13

I live in Rhyl so it's really upset me. Makes you start to think about how life is so fragile. These people got up this morning as normal and didn't think that their loved ones were never coming back. Really makes you start to think doesn't it?

OP posts:
WestCountryLass · 08/01/2006 20:21

I just read that on the ITV news site

It is soooo tragic and I would imagine would really rock the local community as it is close knit.

It did shake me up too, not cos I am from there but because my Dad was mega into cycling and he used to take us as kids on his time trials and the like.

Life is fragile.

roisin · 08/01/2006 20:24

BBC report here

Beetrootfultoyourself · 08/01/2006 20:30

god how sad.

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