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Disturbing Disability Comment in The TImes Yesterday

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Davros · 04/11/2003 22:45

Did anyone see an article yesterday in the Times called 'I Never Thought I'd Adopt',,1-2966-877950,00.html

It contains a deeply disturbing and upsetting passage relating to autism. The arcitle is about a woman and the process of adopting a baby. At one point her Social Worker recommended she get more experience of childcare. She did some work in a nursery and said:

"This proved to be an invaluable experience. Not only did it teach me numerous ingenious means of keeping tiny minds and hands occupied, but I
discovered that of all the 35 or so children attending, only one seemed difficult to love - and he had some form of autism. "

If you want to complain to The Times, send an email to [email protected]

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Davros · 05/11/2003 09:33

BTW I posted this here in case anyone connected with The TImes reads it BUT also posted to SEN section. Please go to SEN section to read comments from MNers.

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