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David Morley Killing, The Verdict - Manslaughter - Right Verdict?

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MistleToo · 15/12/2005 15:42


how can this be manslaughter - I'm confused?

OP posts:
DoesntChristmasDragOn · 15/12/2005 15:45

Because they did not intend to kill him, just beat him up. The actual death was an accident. Kind of a grey area IMO and not sure it's right.

MistleToo · 15/12/2005 15:47

the actual death was an accident?

they only intended to beat him up? with several kicks to the head - you don't need a university education to realise the probable results of those actions

OP posts:
OComeOliveFaithfOil · 15/12/2005 15:50

Has to be intent for murder.

This happens all the time .

DoesntChristmasDragOn · 15/12/2005 15:51

Yes but they'd done it 8 times before without killing anyone so presumably they didn't realise it could kill.

You did ask how it could be manslaughter and that's how.

I'm not saying it's the right verdict.

MistleToo · 15/12/2005 15:52

I'm listen to a re-run of Jeremy Vine - one guy has rung in apoplectic with rage and can't say I blame him!

Apparently one of the people involved has bragged in jail that he is a 'murderer'

OP posts:
MistleToo · 15/12/2005 15:55

the law needs changing then.

They did go out with intent to harm - they attacked several people on the same night - and they film it .

A 15 and 17 year old too

OP posts:
sparklymieow · 15/12/2005 16:08

My neighbours beat up a bloke in town, he was so badly beaten that he needed blood transfusions and emergancy surgery for internal bleeding, he nearly died, but they were only done for GBH with intent, IMO they should have been done for attempted manslaughter (if that exists)
The law needs changing badly.

Kelly1978 · 15/12/2005 16:48

they are talkign abt changing the law. There's been a lot of discussions about the laws surrounding murder and manslaughter, but it is a complex area. Like OO says, to be guilty of murder, you have to intend murder, nothing less suffices.

FestiveFrex · 15/12/2005 17:00

Even if the verdict is manslaughter because of the way the law is worded, it doesn't necessarily mean that the sentence will be less. Murder carries a mandatory life sentence (which isn't life so why call it that??), but manslaughter can carry a very heavy sentence too. Let's hope the judge takes all factors into account and throws the book at them.

Kelly1978 · 15/12/2005 17:11

manslaughter can also mean life.

blueshoes · 15/12/2005 17:14

I will be watching for the sentence but if it is not close to life, I would be very disappointed in the criminal justice system.

I just can't imagine what sort of lives these kids have led to make them into the monsters they are. But it is too late for them.

BluStocking · 15/12/2005 17:18

The girl lived with foster parents. Her own parents were violent, and heroin addicts.

muminlondon · 15/12/2005 21:17

this reminds me of doing jury service. In my experience, some people get really confused about the idea of 'beyond reasonable doubt' - and there can be a lot of prejudice towards the victim too.

TwoIfBySanta · 15/12/2005 22:00

I hate the term "happy slapping", it totally trivialises what are attacks on innocent people. It would be incredibly naive to think they didn't realise that pounding on someones head might actually kill them. You wouldn't need to be a genius to work that one out.

It is a very sad world we live in I'm afraid.

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