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The Britishness Quotient

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peacedove · 11/11/2005 14:28

anyone willing to test him/her self, and or add to these. The Home Office would appreciate some help.

It will take more than a passing acquaintance with the thwack of leather on willow to win the
right to British citizenship.

The Home Office today released a sample of the questions which will feature in the multiple-choice "Britishness" tests from tomorrow. The Times Online has reproduced a selection of these, and included its own answer where none was provided.

  1. Where are Geordie, Cockney, and Scouse spoken?
  2. What are MPs?
  3. What is the Church of England and who is its head?
  4. What is the Queen?s official role and what ceremonial duties does she have?
  5. Do many children live in single parent families or step-families?
  6. Which two telephone numbers can be used to dial the emergency services?
    112, 123, 555, 999.
  7. Which of these courts uses a jury system?
    Magistrates? Court, Crown Court, Youth Court or County Court.
  8. Your employer can dismiss you for joining a trade union. True or false?
  9. Which of these statements is correct?
    A television licence is required for each television in a home
    A single television licence covers all televisions in a home.

    The Times has also provided its own answers:,,2-1851472,00.html


    calling all Brits (and wannabes) to test their Britishness Quotient:

    mirror mirror on the wall, Who's the Brittest Brit of all?

  1. Who is the "Ben" in the "Big Ben"?
    a. Benjamin Franklin
    b. Benjamin Hillman
    c. Benjamin Hill

  2. Who was executed in the Tower of LOndon?
    a. Guy Fawkes
    b. Anne Boleyn
    c. Henry the Third

  3. What's Dover famous for?
    a. The Roman Painted Room
    b. The Marble Hills
    c. The Chalk Cliffs

  4. Which medieval town in England is named after food?
    a. Pudding
    b. Sandwich
    c. Peach

  5. What (according to Robin Cook) is "Britain's true national dish"?
    a. fish n chips
    b. suet pudding and lamb pie
    c. CTM

  6. Would Prime Minister Tony Blair pass HardSpell if he were asked to spell "toomorrow"?
    a. Yes
    b. No

  7. What's the meaning of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
    a. stiff upper lip
    b. well said, sir
    c. it's a word you use when you run out of words to use

  8. Who was the first British sovereign to live in the Buckingham Palace?
    a. Queen Elizabeth
    b. Queen Victoria
    c. King Edward

  9. In which language has David Beckham tattooed his wife's name on his arm?
    a. English
    b. Hindi
    c. Spanish

  10. Who designed the first tube map ?
    a. Julian Lloyd Webber
    b. Harry Beck
    c.Edward Johnstone
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