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Driver fined for puddle splash!!!

14 replies

HRHQoQ · 31/10/2005 17:21

And he was apparently only going 15mph

If you ask me the woman shouldn't have been walking so close to the edge of the road

OP posts:
LadySherlockofLGJ · 31/10/2005 17:23

Ah yes, the motorist, the soft target once again.

starshaker · 31/10/2005 17:25

omg i remember being pg raging hormones etc and saw some1 i really didnt like so i deliberatly went through a puddle to soak them and then nearly crashed cos i was laughing so much. fineing the guy was rediculus

crazydazy · 31/10/2005 17:27

I have been soaked many a time on our road where our house is as the paths are very close to the road and there are some mighty big puddles. Very annoying though but try not to do it on purpose to other people!!!!

tallulah · 31/10/2005 17:43

I think the telling phrase here is "Mr Evans was offered the chance to go on a two-day drivers' course, but declined".

My DH was sent on this course after he had a crash last year (they threatened prosecution otherwise, even tho the silly bitch in the other car was speeding...). Everyone else on the course was there for "odd' reasons as well, and all had paid £185 for the privilege.

It is just another stealth tax

Blu · 31/10/2005 17:53

Drivers don't seem to realise that driving through puddles and soaking pedestrians is either against the law or the highway code 9I forget which) and i am always enraged by their selfishness - both when i am driving and when I am the wet pedestrian. Worse becuase the plume of filthy freezing water seems to fly out at buggy height.

So I wish more drivers would get done for this kind of lack of consideration - but it does seem a bit hard that it is this particular bloke if he really had slowed down deliberately.

monkeytrousers · 31/10/2005 19:53

here here Blu!

cod · 31/10/2005 19:53

Message withdrawn

Caligula · 31/10/2005 20:10

Good. He says he was only going 15mph, but was he really? Must have been a bloody big puddle to soak someone at that speed.

Begs the question about what the council is doing about the drainage round there.

monkeytrousers · 31/10/2005 20:16

If I may rant..what about those loose paving stones that invariably splash up the oily puddle beneath them and soggify your feet and trouser bottoms. Builders should get points on their builders licences!

suedonim · 31/10/2005 20:16

Having been the victim of a 'drive-by' splashing recently I say good on the court for making an example of this driver!

Amai · 31/10/2005 22:56

if drainage was any good this wouldnt happen, I blame george bush.

edam · 31/10/2005 23:00

Good. About time too. Constantly amazed at the way the newspapers get horrified when the law is applied to drivers. 'Oh, this is terrible, they are going to actually punish people for disobeying no left turn signs and obstructing box junctions, moan moan moan etc. etc.'

Why is it OK for drivers to break the law and treat pedestrians like sh!t?

handlemecarefully · 31/10/2005 23:06

Sounds fair enough to me

Caligula · 01/11/2005 13:58

LOL at blaming George Bush. I'm sure it must be his fault somewhere down the line.

Or perhaps Mrs Thatcher's.

Or even Gina Ford's?

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