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the naked rambler.

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juice · 22/10/2005 17:38

hi all, does anyone else think they should just let him do his end to end walk with out getting arrested. he is only naked for goodness sake .

OP posts:
triceratops · 22/10/2005 17:43

He does keep walking through town centres though which indicates that his mission is not just to go for a walk without his pants which I wouldn't mind but to make people look at him going for a walk without his pants which is obnoxious behaviour.

JoolsToo · 22/10/2005 17:43


MamaMaiasaura · 22/10/2005 23:26

its not even like he is pleasing to the eye iykwim

Caligula · 22/10/2005 23:36

Yes I do.

Waste of police time arresting him. He's a harmless nutter and it's making him into a martyr.

MamaMaiasaura · 22/10/2005 23:47

lol at caligilgua - think it is his nuts that are upsetting some

Caligula · 22/10/2005 23:49

The English used to be so reserved about these things. They just used to go about their business and pretend it wasn't happening and tell their children to stop pointing.

Like that bit in that silly Carry On film where they all carry on having their six course dinner while being fired on.

I think we should all go back to that and stop paying people like him undue attention.

dinny · 22/10/2005 23:52

why doesn't he just go and be naked somewhere quiet where he won't be dangling his bits around old ladies/kids? he obviously gets a kick out of it.

MamaMaiasaura · 22/10/2005 23:52

or just point and laugh maybe that would undermine his manly confidence though. HE better be careful though - with winter coming birds are desperate for worms and squirrals for nuts.

dinny · 23/10/2005 00:07

how come only unattractive men become naturists?

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