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mmr is now declared as "safe"

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spookylips · 21/10/2005 23:41

have a read here from the Mirror newspaper

OP posts:
bobbybob · 22/10/2005 03:32

"There is now not a single reason to deprive your child of it."

Oh dear.

spookylips · 22/10/2005 10:10

i know but this wont rest though as it will always be in the back of everyones mind

OP posts:
bakabat · 22/10/2005 10:14


bakabat · 22/10/2005 10:16

that report (the one the mirror based the article on) also concluded that "The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate."

monkeytrousers · 22/10/2005 12:22

I really think the media have been criminally responsible for misleading parents in this issue. There really is no evidence that MMR and autism are linked and the incidence of illness and disablement from measles, mumps and rubella hasn't been reported.

We all worry about our children and the media have shamefully exploited this. The bottom line is a claim the government has had a policy of poisoning our children deliberately. Do we really believe that?

pixel · 22/10/2005 15:13

Possibly, if they've decided it's a choice between protecting the vast majority of children from infectious diseases, and protecting a comparative handful of children from vaccine damage. Cynical, moi?

bakabat · 22/10/2005 20:38

most media stories have been pro MMR.

I think pixel is right. Read {link<a class="break-all" href="\this" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">\this thread} to see what happens when the MMR disagrees with your child.

bakabat · 22/10/2005 20:38

try again

ruty · 23/10/2005 21:15

agree with bakabat that most media coverage very pro MMR. They don't really seem to be looking for evidence, just spoon fed what they are given from obvious sources.

aviatrix · 25/10/2005 21:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pfer · 25/10/2005 21:59

I've just decided to have the single jabs private for ds2. Though ds1 has had mmr and is fine I've been getting one of these mummy instincts that says it's not right for ds2.....

the jabs website emails you a list of clinics who give the singles if anyone is interested.

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