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12yr old girl claims to have been sexually assaulted by Ian Huntly

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waterfalls · 26/09/2005 12:40

Just heard this on the news, not the full story that is coming yup in a moment on ITV, but they said could this girl have saved Holly and Jessica if she had spoken up sooner

What a terrible burden to put on a child

OP posts:
sharklet · 26/09/2005 12:44

She's not the first - there were reports at the time that the police lost / misplaced / did not disclose which should have prevented him getting the job at Soham school. Its terrible of you to suggest this girl "could have saved" HOlly and Jessica. If other people have this attitude it could give the girl more of a complex that she is probably having to deal with now.

If you have ever been in a situation where you have been sexually assulted or raped whether adult or child its a terrible thing to come to terms with in your mind and depending on the circumstances you may not admit it happened for many many years. I know it took me a long time.

waterfalls · 26/09/2005 12:49

Erm , I never said she could have saved Holly and Jessica, I was quoting what the newsreader had said and how shocked I was that they said it.

And for the record I was sexually abused for 4 years by my Father.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 26/09/2005 12:55

What a terrible thing for the press to speculate on for this poor child! It must have taken so much bravery and courage for her to come forward with what happened to her, and here is just needless blame heaped on her. My heart goes out to her. She's a brave girl who should be commended for her courage.

Caligula · 26/09/2005 12:59

If she could have saved Holly and Jessica, so could all those policemen and prosecutors who decided his previous assaults (documented) weren't important enough to prosecute or communicate effectively with each other about.

Incredible that any reporter could say something like that about a child.

dropinthe · 26/09/2005 13:01

and Waterfalls!

Subject must hurt like hell?

waterfalls · 26/09/2005 13:08

I suffered for a long time, but decided in the end I was better than him and I could be strong, he still lives 10 minutes walk from me and I can walk past him now and he does'nt bother me anymore. He is an evil man through and through, he has hurt so many people and worse. He won custody of me when I was 8, and I eventually bucked up the courage to run away when I was 12, I went back to my mum, he did'nt even report me missing, SC visited him 10 days later to tell him where I was.

OP posts:
dropinthe · 26/09/2005 13:09


You are better off without him!

waterfalls · 26/09/2005 13:15

My stepdad is wonderfull, he is the bees knees, and treats us no different to his own children.

OP posts:
dropinthe · 26/09/2005 13:16

Have never had either so don't "do" the Dad thing!

waterfalls · 26/09/2005 13:18


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popmum · 26/09/2005 13:18

i think the story is that if the police/ cps had taken her story more seriously and locked him up then THAT could have saved holly and jessica. The girl did report it at the time - there was a story about it in the (ahem!) mail yesterday. They thought there was not enough evidence at the time

sharklet · 26/09/2005 13:32

Sorry waterfalls. I misread your post and thought you were suggesting that. I didn't see the report so I didn't know that was the reporters angle. I do think its awful of them to suggest that. It sounds like the police shoudl have hadnled the whole thing differently - especially if she reported it at the time

Sorry you've been through it too.

Emma x

waterfalls · 26/09/2005 13:34
OP posts:
melissasmummy · 27/09/2005 11:27

But isn't this girl now 19 & DID tell police at the time? The police decided not to press charges as there was not enough evidence & the tape & allegations were not kept!

Or is that a different girl?

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