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peacedove · 19/09/2005 13:37

had disappeared.

should have been left alone by the mods. It was full of gems!

OP posts:
tissy · 19/09/2005 13:37

ooh, which was that?

have I missed another fight?

QueenOfQuotes · 19/09/2005 13:38

nooooo - not the one I think it is? I had over 100 posts on that (I thought my total number of posts had dropped since yesterday)

sharklet · 19/09/2005 13:38

I'm actually quite glad its gone. It had got a bit out of control.

QueenOfQuotes · 19/09/2005 13:40

it had the only comment on the whole of MN saying I was a good debater ROFLMAO

Ulysees · 19/09/2005 13:41

what was it, wot I miss???

sharklet · 19/09/2005 13:41


QoQ is a great debater ;)

Sorted ;)

QueenOfQuotes · 19/09/2005 13:43
JoolsToo · 19/09/2005 13:44

thank god!

Mum2girls · 19/09/2005 13:46

which one??

bosscat · 19/09/2005 13:47

why did they delete it though? I can understand everyone not posting and letting it die a death but it wasn't that bad was it? do you think they thought it would just never go away!

northerner · 19/09/2005 13:48

What?! Have I missed some excitement?

JoolsToo · 19/09/2005 13:48

because there were personal insults on it - and I think I read on another post that someone asked for it to be deleted?

I, for one, am not sorry!

peacedove · 19/09/2005 13:48

should have been "has" instead of "had". It disappeared after my post appeared telling QoQ that I was actually enjoying it tremendously.

Couldn't it have been just locked?

I mean it is loss of records.

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 19/09/2005 13:49

Hmm, think I've just worked out which one it was. Don't think I posted on it (and certainly didn't read anyone saying QoQ was a good debater - think she made that one up )

Ulysees · 19/09/2005 13:50

A clue as to topic? Don't know if I was on it that's all. (and mega nosey )

spidermama · 19/09/2005 13:51

I posted 'calm down, calm down' sort of posts on it twice. Didn't half kick off though eh?

Listen to us lot, stirring it up. Honestly! What are we like?

JoolsToo · 19/09/2005 13:53

ulysees - it was the 'new orleans' thread with a poster called Batwoman hurling insults rights and left - the whole point of the original post was lost if you ask me!

Ulysees · 19/09/2005 13:54

cheers joolstoo, i avoided that one tbh.

QueenOfQuotes · 19/09/2005 13:55

If you do a search in archived message for posts by "Batwoman" you can see the start of some of her drivel LOL

"and certainly didn't read anyone saying QoQ was a good debater - think she made that one up"

"Queenie... I do like to debate you.. you are worthy of my type time."

She did honestly say I was a good debater - coz I ROfLMAO about it - and someone else (custardo??) commented on it too LOL.

peacedove · 19/09/2005 13:55

HM, in a way you are right. The post did not say shhe was a good debater. What it said was: "You have a reputation of being a good debater on MN".

world of difference, that

the topic was whether we should or should not donate to the Katrina victims since their government is very, very rich. Then it turned into a gun-totting heroine blasting away at everyone.

It was lovely.

I, for one, am very sorry to see it go.

OP posts:
QueenOfQuotes · 19/09/2005 13:56

bah-humbugs to the lot of you

WigWamBam · 19/09/2005 13:57

There were some horrible personal insults on that thread. Call me a party pooper if you like but I asked almost a week ago for that thread to be deleted, and I really think it should have gone sooner.


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oops · 19/09/2005 13:58

Message withdrawn

peacedove · 19/09/2005 13:59

why are some people against innocent fun?

Those insulted did not feel so.

OP posts:
Cam · 19/09/2005 14:00

But QoQ we know that we can't take anything the winged mouse said seriously don't we

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