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Disabled kids kept in cages!!!!!!!

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sharklet · 16/09/2005 16:23

News story

They claim its to stop them hurting themselves. It makes me sick...

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Mytwopenceworth · 16/09/2005 16:27

NO criminal charges? That is the most disgusting thing. So they don't consider what she did a criminal offence? Why? Could it be because the kids are special needs? I bet if they were 'normal' kids kept in cages we would be hearing of criminal charges. I am so upset and angry that these poor kids disabilities seems to be being considered as a reason/excuse/justification for the abuse they have suffered.

I am so angry. First the 'childminder' now this evilness. I want to get this woman and stick her in a cage.

Then I want to pelt her with horse shit.

Caligula · 16/09/2005 16:27

And they were allowed to adopt them?

sharklet · 16/09/2005 16:32

Its simply beyond my comprehension. If these children are so ill as to need very specialist treatment - why were so many of them allowed to be adopted by one family who quite clearly are unable to cope! Resorting to caging them up at night is dehumanising and despicable.

The report doesn't even seem that worried about it!

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