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114 dead in Baghdad,

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emily05 · 14/09/2005 12:01

How awful for the people in Iraq having to live fearing for their lives. Cant imagine what it must be like,

news story here

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monkeytrousers · 14/09/2005 12:06

It is awful..and relentles. It's been described as sectarian by BBC news 24.

ChaCha · 14/09/2005 15:32

As I always say - thank God that it is impossible for us as human beings to know of all the atrocites that are going on in the world.
I don't know what to say anymore, It's everywhere isn't it? People dying, being killed, murdered, slaughtered, raped, the list is endless.
I get that I have to go on media fasts from time to time because I just can't bear it.
Iraq, Palestine, places we hear of in the news, but there are others that get swept under the much that we aren't being told IMHO.
I'm babbling now...will go x

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