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Anthony Walker's funeral

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MarsLady · 25/08/2005 12:36

I'm just watching this on the news and feeling so very sad.

His family asked that his friends wear football shirts. No one was allowed to wear black, it was to be a celebration of light and life and colour.

Stabbed for being black. It's a crying shame

OP posts:
swiperfox · 25/08/2005 12:38

I've just seen that as well Mars. Makes me feel sick that people can do that to such a bright young lad because he was black.

NomDePlume · 25/08/2005 12:44

It's appalling, is what it is. It makes me so & incredibly that in our so-called 'civilised society' people are still persecuted for their skin colour. My thoughts are with the boy's family, I hope they can find peace and justice.

JoolsToo · 25/08/2005 13:15

what an horrendous crime this was - there seems to be a lot of knife attacks currently

I think it was the same week that lad got stabbed to death on a bus cos he asked someone to stop throwing chips at his girlfriend! - what is the world coming to?

HappyMumof2 · 25/08/2005 13:19

Message withdrawn

biglips · 25/08/2005 16:31

here is a little story from the Mirror Sad

biglips · 25/08/2005 16:32

as i live 20 mins away from Huyton (by car) and its a very white community as ive never seen any black people living there....God Bless Him

HappyMumof2 · 25/08/2005 16:34

Message withdrawn

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