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Best way to stop mirrors steaming up please?!

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YumeeMumee · 01/09/2008 15:19

I thought I saw a thread suggesting ways to stop mirrors steaming up but I can't find it

Can I have some suggestions please!

OP posts:
SaintGeorge · 01/09/2008 15:25

Washing up liquid.

Just a few drops. Smear all over mirror with a dry cloth/piece of kitchen roll.

I find it stops the bathroom mirror steaming up for about a week.

scorpio1 · 01/09/2008 15:26

shaving foam

YumeeMumee · 01/09/2008 15:26

Excellent - thanks!

OP posts:
makeminealargeoneplease · 02/09/2008 11:15

apparently if you wipe it down with dry tissue and then add a few drops of shampoo to the tissue and wipe it over it works (guess this is similar to SaintG's, though)

ajm200 · 02/09/2008 11:19

Washing up liquid or any form of liquid soap works, wiped over with a dry cloth or tissue.

Works for glasses too.

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