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Tips for cleaning a mattress

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Sallypuss · 28/08/2008 15:07

Afternoon all

Does anyone have any tips for the best things to use to clean down a mattress? I have one that's been in storage for a while and is grubby rather than dirty or stained. All advice gratefully received.

OP posts:
nannyL · 28/08/2008 19:42

what about car upholstry cleaner or carpet cleaner foam... you know, the stuff that doesnt get too wet and them you hoover off a while later?

Sallypuss · 29/08/2008 13:58

Good idea, will give it a try....

OP posts:
sagacious · 29/08/2008 14:05

Kim and Aggie cleaned it (hot soapy water) then got old towels and jumped up and down on the matresses to dry them quicker (and had a perve at one of the young men doing it iirc)

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