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right now i want to throttle dd1 over this keyboard thats broken (decluttering)

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misdee · 27/08/2008 17:50

have tested it, doesnt work taken it apart. loose wires. i have no ideas about circuit boards etc etc.

dd1 has been screaming and crying for 30mins thats she wants to keep it. FFS its broken.

have said if she wants to keep something thats broken when we move house then she gets rid of soemthing that works.

she is just going on and on about keeping it.

she is 8years old.

its not like i'm suggesting she parts compnay with her comfort blanket or bear.


OP posts:
lucysmam · 27/08/2008 17:58

hide it when she's asleep and when she asks about it in the morning tell her you have no idea where it is?

misdee · 27/08/2008 18:01

she is too old for that unfortunatly.
the keyboard is a big thing. will take up half the box i'd be packing it in with other toys.

OP posts:
lucysmam · 27/08/2008 18:09

bin, deny all knowledge it ever existed or tell her it was abducted in the night by aliens? or that you've packed it in the night? she'll forget all about it, hopefully by the end of the day. then when you do move & she asks, make a show of rummaging and coming up with a complete blank?

or, tell her you have a perfectly good keyboard which you're attached to & if she keeps the broken one you'd have to sacrifice yours? which would mean stressy mummy as no more chilling on t'internet?

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