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ARG! why has my (clean) house got flies in it? yuk yuk yuk

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padboz · 27/08/2008 10:01

There are loads this morning - bimbling about - there's no food around and I've put the fruit bowl in the fridge. WHAT DO THEY WANT? urg.

OP posts:
frazzledbutcalm · 27/08/2008 17:03

We have this all the time. It annoys me immensely!!

Shitehawk · 27/08/2008 17:09

Little tiny ones? They sometimes come from your pot plants.

Big ones? They might be after pet food, if you've got a cat or dog. And they sometimes lay eggs on pet food too ...

frazzledbutcalm · 27/08/2008 17:11

I have no plants, only in the garden.
I have a cat on dried cat food so thats not the prob either.
keep guessing please !!!

mou · 27/08/2008 17:23

try burning citonella candles like the ones you get for b-b=q's etc... i have same problem and it seems to help.

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