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Tuesday Flylady

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EustaciaVye · 26/08/2008 07:32

Kellys mission


Zone - living room.

OP posts:
lucysmam · 26/08/2008 17:38

evening ladies

well, i've had a very productive virtual day flicking between mn and doing my shopping list. The rest of my list however just didn't happen. Am just off to bath my mini milk lo who now looks like a tin of spaghetti hoops as well! get her tucked up, get shower myself and snuggle on the sofa with oh and wait for pizza place to magically turn up with delivery when neither of us can be arsed to move!

I will be back tomorrow reinvigorated and full of enthusiasm to get organised and do something, promise

TheMadHouse · 26/08/2008 17:42

Scatty We camped at Hadrians wall camp site

rowingboat · 26/08/2008 19:04

Hi everyone
that's the visitors gone now and I'm having some dinner. We had DP's parents up because they couldn't visit on his birthday and we had a lovely lunch.
Managed to do a bit of stuff this morning.
Scatty I didn't know children could start school that early. I'm glad it all went well for him.
Are all of the children going to big school or is it pre-school?
Eustacia did your DD go to the pre-school of the school she is going to? Will she know other children.
Mind you, I didn't know anyone when I went to infants - had been to a church nursery, but I still made loads of friends.
The LO is loving his return to nursery (pre-school) we used to have that horrible afternoon slot, but now he starts at nine so we have most of the day to do stuff when he gets out.
Did the run today - quite hard work, next one is going to be Thursday. Anyone else fancy it??
Tomorrow will be a back to normal day for us, after all the visitors, so should be able to post the nappies and get other things out of the way.
Cafe what ages are your children? Have you got a long journey? Please pack your umbrella for your visit, you will need it.

biglips · 26/08/2008 19:20

hiya all!!

been out all afternoon as had appointment with the midwife (hope its the last one!) and then to the Library.

So this morning managed to

  1. get DD up and we had brekkie
  2. Cleaned the carpets upstairs with the carpet cleaner
  3. Swish and swipe bathroom.
TheMadHouse · 26/08/2008 20:05

Evening all

I have managed to put away all the ironing I did, although I still have more to do
Last load of washing is on
Cat has been collected from my mothers
Boys are in Bed - Yes

I have still to pack 4 items I ebayed
Waiting for Tesco delivery

Tomorrow will be busy. DH car serviced, I am getting hair coloured (no more grey), going for a walk in the woods with the boys and dropping packages at couriers and post office

My DS1 starts preschool propper the week after next in the afternoons, he has been going since March (when he turned 3), but to the small class (feeder group). They wanted to move him to mornings, but we do loads on a morning and also it is more structured - I want to spend time with him and also want him to go and have fun. He insisted on a little outfit - all the girls wear little checked dresses and he asked for one of them

EustaciaVye · 26/08/2008 21:16

Hi All,

Rowingboat - DD will know 1 person at new school. They are a bit like chalk and cheese but it will be nice for her to know at least 1 person.

Bianca - she goes parttime (but with lunch) from 8th-25th Sep and is then full time after that.

Have been to legoland today. Soooobusy. knackered now. DH gone back into work as he is also busy...

OP posts:
cafebistro · 26/08/2008 21:36

Evening everybody..
This afternoon I managed to...

  • Tidy and dust living room
  • Hoover throughout
  • Quick clean of bathroom
  • Make up spare bed

Still havent managed to pack anything..or tidy bedroom!! It will have to wait till tomorrow afternoon now as I have to take DD to a hospital appointment in the morning.

Lucysmam...Im just coming from Ireland.
Rowingboat...My ds has just turned 3 and dd is 6 months. Luckily flight is only an hour...but still a bit nervous as havent done it on my own with dd before. The rain in UK cant be any worse than it is me!!
EustaciaVye · 27/08/2008 07:50


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