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Small bathrooms

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admylin · 25/08/2008 10:32

We've just moved into a rented flat which is really nice and big compared to our last place except for the bathroom. I'm really missing my big bathroom and all the space I had for storage etc.

This new one is tiled right up to the top and I have no idea how the last people in here managed even with a mirror and shelf as there are no holes where they might have fixed things up with, meaning I daren't start drilling holes either.

So, I need tips. Can I stick a mirror up with some sort of non damage causing stickers/glue? Any tips on storage for a very small bathroom? I mean really small too. It's about the length and abit of a full bath and the width is abit less.

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Anna8888 · 25/08/2008 10:34

I use plastic fixtures with suction pads for toothbrushes, soap dishes, a box for shampoo and body wash etc. in the boys' (tiny) shower room.

They are great, cheap and go in the dishwasher but you need flat (and sparkling clean) tiles to make them work. We got some in Ikea and another in a bathroom shop in Paris.

HeadFairy · 25/08/2008 10:35

I have a tiny bathroom, it's square, the length of my bath (and it's a shorter than average bath) We don't keep anything in the bathroom really, we keep all our towels in DS's wardrobe (we don't have an airing cupboard either as we have a combi boiler)

I know it's expensive, but could you find something similar to the QBO unit top right corner. We do have a bathroom cabinet for toiletries, we also have one of those wire shelf thingys that dangle from the shower for all our shampoo and bits.

pinkspottywellies · 25/08/2008 10:37

You can get some bathroom accessories that stick up with suckers. Maybe try Wilkinsons or Argos.

Is there already a unit round the sink? If not something like this?

HeadFairy · 25/08/2008 10:37

Or a free standing drawer unit like this might be a solution if you've got a bit of floor space you can spare.

admylin · 25/08/2008 10:39

Headfairy that's a good website, will look for something like it over here (live in Germany) and the suction pad idea is also good Anna8888, I have to get the image of my old big bathroom out of my head. I keep thinking I need a big wide shelf right along the room to keep everything on!

A trip to the nearest Ikea is maybe a good idea too. Sigh, finish unpacking first..

OP posts:
admylin · 25/08/2008 10:41

I like that chrome thing, how I wish I was in UK, there is nothing like Argos here. Wonder if Ikea has one abit like that.

OP posts:
Flibbertyjibbet · 25/08/2008 10:42

we have a very small bathroom. Also fully tiled. DP put up a long narrow shelf the whole length of the wall that has the sink and door - just above the door. Plenty of space for stuff that we can reach but its out of the way and mostly out of sight.
For towells etc I have a narrow but tall pine shelf thingy unit with towells etc on. This is outside the bathroom in a corner of the landing.
We are moving to a house shortly with just as small bathroom but no landing space so the towell/stuff holder will be near the door in the bedroom next to the bathroom.

giraffescantdancethetango · 26/08/2008 12:04

I have a clear plastic box (a big one) and just have amost everything in that and its on the floor in a cornor. Then mirror up on wall.

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