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Another cleaning frenzy?? Anyone care to join me???

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FAQ · 21/08/2008 09:35

Was going to do some the other day - but the DS's were an absolute nightmare. (not to say that they're not going to be awful again today).

Anyhow - I want to

Load the dishwasher (and put it on)
Got 2/3 loads of washing to done (changed the bedding) - and dried - hopefully on the line today as it's not raining.
Ironing (lots)
Clear dining room table off and photograph it to put on ebay
Hoover downstairs
Mop kitchen and bathroom floors
Go to town to pay my gas bill.

Also - if I get that lot done then I want to start sorting all my carboot stuff out properly - it was literally just thrown into boxes when I sorted out months ago - but I'm sure if I repacked them properly I could fit more in each box, and therefore it would take up less room in my house (not to mention that I'd actually know what was in each box)

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FAQ · 21/08/2008 11:25

fair enough I appear to be on my own

However I have

Got the dishwasher on
Done a load of washing
Hoovered one half of the lounge/diner
Cleared the table off (just need to clean it now and photograph it for ebay)

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