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Any tips on how to get chocolate mini milk stains out of my dds clothes?

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chickenmama · 17/08/2008 20:37

My dd has had a bit of a thing for chocolate mini milks recently and as a result several of her tops/dresses have got lovely brown stains all down them. I washed them all just recently, treating with a stain remover spray, but it made no difference... can anyone recommend any other product that might actually work?

OP posts:
lucysmam · 17/08/2008 20:57

I use co-op green household soap and that's good on most stuff (89p for 2 bars) but obviously that depends whether you have a co-op near you.

or maybe vanish bars rather than spray or, my mil said something about fairy washing up liquid being good for stains on clothes although not sure whether it is as I've never tried it.


SquiffyHock · 17/08/2008 20:59

Soak in plain, cold water overnight then wash as usual - it works for most things. Washing up liquid is brilliant for anything greasy but cold water for paint etc.

chickenmama · 17/08/2008 21:05

wow, is it really that simple?!

i live opposite a co-op so i'll be over there first thing tomorrow for the soap

goes off to soak clothes in cold water

OP posts:
onepieceoflollipop · 17/08/2008 21:06

chickenmama I hate to tell you this, and I really hope these tips work. BUT chocolate mini milk is about the only stain that I have never been able to get out of clothing. (and I am quite good at getting stains out)

Please post again with the solution if any of the tips work for you.

lucysmam · 17/08/2008 21:07

i use cold water for tea n stuff like that, never tried with ice cream or anything like that though so will try it out next time lo spills (which will probably be 7am tomorrow )

chicken, its usually right on a top shelf out of the way next to vanish and stuff like that in a red packet if i recall correctly. i live just over road from co-op too, spend my life in there just for something to do with lo as she loves the loo roll aisle (andrex puppies!)

MingMingtheWonderPet · 17/08/2008 21:07

I agree, choc mini milk stains are a nightmare.
I make DD strip off now before she has one.

mrspnut · 17/08/2008 21:11

My DD2 has ruined a beautiful top and trousers with a chocolate mini milk and I can manage to get any other stain out.

She now just wears them for grubbing round the garden and playing in the sand pit.

onepieceoflollipop · 17/08/2008 21:15

Vanilla or strawberry are the only permitted flavours for the little lollipops in my house.

GodzillasBumcheek · 17/08/2008 21:17

I recommend....

Black dye

Sorry, i am a stain removal dunce.

chickenmama · 17/08/2008 21:23

it's always the best clothes that get ruined, the worst stain we have is on a beautiful dress she got for her bday and wore only once...

mingming i think u have the answer there! choc mini milks in the nud... or maybe i'll get her an old shirt to wear back to front like they have for painting at school.

That or i'll just eat all the choc ones myself

OP posts:
lucysmam · 17/08/2008 21:27

chicken, eat the choc ones yourself is the answer for sure imo!!! although my lo loves them too. old shirt wrong way round is probably your best bet or mini milks in the nuddy!

callmeovercautious · 17/08/2008 21:33

Best eaten in the paddling pool

Barring that I now use washing up liquid. Have chucked all other stain removers out as they are no better and cost a fortune. If plain white clothes then soak in milton just rinse them well or you will bleach the rest of the wash (as DH recently found out).

I even got old fat stains out of a lot of tops of mine with some fairy the other week. I used to have a collection of tops with grease marks from doing sunday roasts etc, just sitting in the wardrobe, I did not have the heart to throw them. Fairy all the way! (other washing up liquids are available )

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