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Is it ok to use biological powder on a baby's clothes?

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MadameCheese · 06/08/2008 15:32

Or is this a no no?

OP posts:
lucysmam · 06/08/2008 15:51

I do and have since my lo was about 6mo as oh has had some bad luck work wise so we're on a tight budget & have found it cheaper. Never had any reactions or troubles with it and her clothes seem cleaner to me, but maybe thats just a psychological thing or maybe just me!

Twiglett · 06/08/2008 15:51

yes but double rinse it

Flossish · 06/08/2008 15:52

i think there was some new reseach recently which proved that bio was no more likely to cause skin reactions than non bio, i'll have a quick search - don't know if it means ok for baby now.

Philomytha · 06/08/2008 16:01

I've always used it (Sainsbury's own brand), no problems of any sort. We've never done extra rinsing or any other faffing around. You don't seem to need very much of it either, much less than it says on the packet. I use it for nappy washing too, and it does a good job.

MadameCheese · 06/08/2008 17:02

Ace, I want to try the new eco powder that the co-op do but it's biological , thanks

OP posts:
KnickersOnMaHead · 06/08/2008 20:51

Message withdrawn

tweeni · 06/08/2008 22:14

depends. you shouldn't use biological powder on items that are made from natural fibers - so wool, cashmere, silk etc and also on anything with elastic in. because of this i find it easier to just stick to non-bio. i always make sure it doesn't have optical brighteners though cos that fades coloureds.

MadameCheese · 07/08/2008 10:49

lol, my ds doesn't tend to wear silk or cashmere

OP posts:
Fizzylemonade · 07/08/2008 14:22

I didn't switch to non-bio for ds2 because apparently we are the only country that does this Europeans don't do it I think.

That way you can shove all their stuff in with yours instead of waiting for theirs to build up.

Never had any reactions with my two.

onepieceoflollipop · 07/08/2008 14:24

Yes I hear the same as Fizzy and others who posted. There was some interesting info on the NappyLady website basically saying that bio is fine. Apparently if you have a reaction to bio powder or liquid it is unlikely to be the "bio" part of it.

hairtwiddler · 07/08/2008 14:35

I think the powder you're talking about is aquados simply They do non-bio too which you can order online. I use the bio though, and no probs with DDs skin. She's over two now though.. not sure whether would still use it for a baby.
Think I read on here that UK is unusual in bio/non bio choice.

SheikYerbouti · 07/08/2008 14:37

I have always used bio for DS2's stuff and his skin is fine

DS1 has eczema (quite badly sometimes) but I don;t find non-bio helps it anymore.

Plus bio cleans better

I just use 1/2 the amount is says on the packet, but that's cos I am a stingy bint

scarletlilybug · 07/08/2008 14:42

I always used Bio without any problems. Agree that it seems to make clothes appear cleaner.

My HV, however, warned against using fabric conditioner - and in fact when I did use it, my dd's skin did look slightly irritated.

onepieceoflollipop · 07/08/2008 14:48

scarlet fabric conditioner is far more likely to cause a reaction because it remains on the clothes (it is not rinsed off like washing powder is) I have really "gone off" fabric conditioner after reading more about it.

Fennel · 07/08/2008 14:50

dd2 had appalling nappy rash when we occasionally forgot and washed her nappies in bio powder. It was fine in normal powder, but terrible in bio.

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