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i just want to check that you all use ...

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Tutter · 21/07/2008 21:17

mattress and pillow protectors

essential imo

OP posts:
funnypeculiar · 21/07/2008 21:18

Pillow protectors??

Tutter · 21/07/2008 21:19

less essential, given that you can wash a pillow, i grant you

OP posts:
FeelingDeviant · 21/07/2008 21:19

not pillow protectors. pillows are so cheap, not worth protecting

Tutter · 21/07/2008 21:19

pillows can be verrrry expensive

OP posts:
funnypeculiar · 21/07/2008 21:22

I have cheap rubbishy pillow - they are so not worth protecting

popsycal · 21/07/2008 21:23

but they make my pillow hot
pillows must be cold - it is the law

FeelingDeviant · 21/07/2008 21:24

how much are your pillows?
my most expensive ones are under £20 so not worth protecting.

however, mattress cost £1000, so well worth a protector

Tutter · 21/07/2008 21:27

more than £20

they shouldn't be hot

OP posts:
Taxidriver · 21/07/2008 21:28

nope, nothing.
i have to have a cold pillow

FeelingDeviant · 21/07/2008 21:30

Oooh, are your pillows made of gold dust, Tutter?

Tutter · 21/07/2008 21:31

oh yes

tbh only my top pillow is expensive

bottom one just for looks surely?

but protector is cotton so not hot

OP posts:
Tutter · 21/07/2008 21:34

and anyway, ignore pillow talk (arf)

tis a red herring

i am more concerned about bodily fluids other than dribble

OP posts:
Klaw · 21/07/2008 21:37

OMG, I love my pillow when it's cold. So, it's not just me then?

We got mattress and pillow protectors, think they came in a set... probably got them at TKMaxx... got my Egyptian Cotten sheets and duvet covers there too.

When I've got disposable mulah again I really want to get a feather summer duvet. We use the one we've got all year round and it's yukky polyester . The 10.5 tog feather one languished in the cupboard cos dp gets too hot under it

Tutter · 21/07/2008 21:39

yy get low tog

we only have 4 or 6

OP posts:
Klaw · 21/07/2008 21:50

During the winter I'd be happy with the 10.5 tog (I'm a cauld tatty), it's so lovely and sounds great and feels yummy with the feathers, but the polyester 4 tog is just boring. So I need a feather one, when my luck's in

Dp is such a furnace he can't cope with the 10.5 unless it's really perishing outside.

Maybe next winter it will be colder inside as we won't be able to afford the heating as much

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