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is there a miracle product out there that will bond fabric back together?

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lucysmam · 17/07/2008 19:04

My oh has just burned a fag burn in his BRAND NEW!!! birthday pressy liverpool top on his way to footy (not impressed as he's already had it n its 2 weeks til his birthday as it is n he's managed to wreck it already).

Is there some miracle product out there that will bond the edges of the hole back together and make it less noticeable as it's right next to the badge and dead noticeable but am not paying a fortune for him just to wear it to footy training on thursdays!

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maidamess · 17/07/2008 19:06

You could try fabric glue, and some fastidious overlapping.

blithedance · 17/07/2008 19:06

Is there any burnt stuff around the edge or are the edges clean. How big is the hole?

lucysmam · 17/07/2008 19:09

its only about 5mm or so round n the edges r a bit blackish but can be cleaned uo blithe

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lucysmam · 17/07/2008 19:10


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windygalestoday · 17/07/2008 19:11

at the bottom theres a hem cut a small square from that...

using hemming bondaweb stick the piece you cut onto a similar piece of material then carefully iron it onto the hole from the inside

alternatively buy a small england patch and stick that on ........

underneath the hole on the inside using hemming bondaweb cut into tiny strips iron on a small piece of similar weighted and

blithedance · 17/07/2008 19:12

I'm thinking of something called "Supermend fabric bond) which I got from Betterware years ago. It's like a powdered glue - you put the fabric edges together, sprinkle the powder over, then iron over a layer of greaseproof paper.

windygalestoday · 17/07/2008 19:13

blithe that stuff is fantastic ive not seen it for years tho

blithedance · 17/07/2008 19:14

this stuff?

SoupKitchen · 17/07/2008 19:14

would this be what you are looking for Never tried it myself

SoupKitchen · 17/07/2008 19:14

Beat me to it blythe

GrapefruitMoon · 17/07/2008 19:14

I was thinking of that too blithedance - I've had mine for years though so don't know if you can still get it. Are you near a John Lewis or shop which sells dressmaking stuff?

blithedance · 17/07/2008 19:15

For a circular hole I would cut a teeny matching patch from inside the hem (that stuff won't fray) and Supermend it all together from the reverse.

blithedance · 17/07/2008 19:16

Don't iron too hot!!

lucysmam · 17/07/2008 19:18

that sounds ideal soupkitchen & blithe although if i cant get it it will most likely be the hemming stuff. Fingers crossed I can sort it

thanks for your help, didnt think there was any hope!

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lucysmam · 17/07/2008 19:45

thanks, supermend ordered and on way, will be good as new by monday hopefully!

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