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right i am never throwing anything away ever ever ever, am going to live in my rubbish, it will be good insulation really

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Giraffescantdancethetango · 10/07/2008 00:28

Just about to move, was up at new place today, cleaning it. (Even though they had to hire cleaners because the last tenant was so minging) I just wanted to give it a quick once over. Anyway the minger previous tenant, had left loads of food in the cupboards puke Including sardines (Im a veggie) So I bagged it all and went out the back to the bins...only to discover its an actual bin shed, like with a door. And signs up everywhere saying "Rodent control in operation, do not touch baits or dead animals" (paraphrasing)

So I open the door and (after nearly passing out from the overwhelming stench) find I cant reach any of the bins AND keep the door open with my foot at same time so the door slams behind me and for an awful minute I thought it had locked itself (its a latchy thing) Its dark, cobwebby, STINKS and is just rank. I opened a bin and flung the bags in as fast as I could, then ran out shuddering and brushing myself.

And now I have to do this what 4 times a week or so? ANYTHING I can do to make the experience better? Ive never had communal bins that havent been in the open air before, they usually have a wall and gate around them but are not in an actual shed.

OP posts:
blossomsmine · 10/07/2008 16:04

God that sounds like hell..............poor you nothing else you can do though i suppose....

Giraffescantdancethetango · 11/07/2008 20:01

Im terrified a big fat rat will come and bite me eek

OP posts:
Desiderata · 11/07/2008 20:29

If it's a council property, you should immediately ring them, and get it sorted out.

don't settle for doing nothing. Make some noise. Life's hard enough, without entering the portals of hell several times weekly.

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