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pen on my fabric sofa!!!

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Pinkmist · 08/07/2008 14:12

While i was out the room for 2 seconds (how dare i pee!) My toddler found a black biro and drew on himself, but also a little on my brand new red fabric sofa,

Can anyone tell me how to get it out before I throttle calmly explain it was naughty?

Also how do i get it off the monsters little darlings face, arms, legs etc??

Least he didn't draw on ds2!

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Pinkmist · 08/07/2008 14:18


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Pinkmist · 08/07/2008 14:26

hurmph, noone ever replies to my threads. damn you all my dp will kill me

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Mandy73 · 08/07/2008 14:54

(tried nail varnish remover when DH got biro on shirt, not brilliant and dry cleaners told us off - they goy it out though)

Good luck! x

abusybee · 08/07/2008 14:57

if it's that microfibre finish (looks a bit like suede) then it will come off with a wet J cloth - DS did same thing last year. I googled it in a panic, didn't believe it would work but it came off perfectly....

ANTagony · 08/07/2008 15:00

I'm a big baby wipes fan - they work for most things.

I was washing up the other day and DS 1 said calmly with a giggle at the table behind me I'm painting my brother. So I finished the washing up turned round and true to his word there was a paint smeared head to toe 2 year old with a big grin on his face.

I yelped in shock and said what are we going to do with you I think we'll hose you off in the garden went to get some old towels to towel him off and the boys had exited into the back garden and DS1 had the hose pipe onto a shivering DS2.

You'd think it would take more than 10sec to create total mayhem.

Yes you have a right to use the toilet. If its really bad and wont come out I expect your household insurance will cover it - under acidental damage

soremummy · 08/07/2008 15:06

Washing up liquid usually removes biro from clothes

soremummy · 08/07/2008 15:07

I think hairspray works as well let me look in my book see if i can find out for you

soremummy · 08/07/2008 15:10

read this might help

Pinkmist · 08/07/2008 15:48

lol antagony, bet that was a bit of a shock!

it is only a tiny bit, and now I've calmed down I realise you would only see if it you looked. its on the arm and its only a thin line, will try some of the tips in a bit, but thank you all

its just normal fabric, but it was treated with scotch guard before it was delivered.

ds is now clean except a few bits of biro on his scalp. might need a few more baths!

now he is banned from the couch for a few days, i'm potty training so dont want them covered in pee!

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