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Fly - Monday

38 replies

kiltycoldbum · 07/07/2008 08:36

kellys mission

omg is that even done right?
where is everyone?

OP posts:
kiltycoldbum · 07/07/2008 08:39

well it looks right!
So its only me dossing about then?

Good morning all anyway!

Well i spent ages on flylady site last night and have started writing my lists, even impressed myself by shining sinks, cleaning oven hob and sterilising bottles before bed as my "what can make tomorrow easier?" so glad i did as ive woken up feeling very rough, everything hurts like hell, even my hands!

however, moan over, onwards and upwards and time to get flying, i shall post lists later.
It is hammering down and very dark so ideal weather for it really!

Hope you all had good weekends!

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 07/07/2008 08:52

Morning Kitty I am here

It is peeing down here too

SO I will post my zone and todays lists

Zone 2 Kitchen

Empty Fridge and Clean inside
Clean Cobwebs
Clean Microwave in and out
Clean Cooker in and out
Straighten drawers
Wash windows
Clean outside of cabinets
Clean under sink
Clear and clean kitchen table
Empty and wash kitchen bin
polish canisters and other stainless steel
Hoover and mop floor
Sort Utility area
Clean work services
Clean the outside of the fridge, freezer and dishwasher
Wash seals and filter on Tumble Dryer
Wash seals on Washing machine and inside the door
Clean blinds
Wipe skirting boards
Wash down back door
Clean kitchen table and seats
Wash outside of cat litter tray

Morning Routine

Up and dressed
Make Beds
Empty Dishwasher
Wash Breakfast Pots
Hang Out washing/washing in dryer
Sort out lunchtime meal

Lunchtime Routine

Feed the boys
Tidy and wash lunchtime pots
Sweep dining room floor and clean table
Lunch for me
Sort Dinner for all

Evening Routine

Dinner for Boys
Load Dishwasher and clean Dining room
Bath Boys
Get their clothes out for tomorrow
Tidy Toys
Load washing machine
Start the dishwasher
Shine Sink
Get my clothes out for tomorrow
Read a book

Right off to give them their breakfast

babyjjbaby · 07/07/2008 08:55

hiya i thought where was everyone but didn't start a post cos i don't know how to find the mission lol it is cloudy here doubt it will be dry today might go into cheltenham later waiting for a courier to come first tho so depends what time it arrives

to do
washed dressed
make beds
tidy up upstairs
swish and swipe bathroom
vacuem upstairs
polish upstairs

Shannaratiger · 07/07/2008 09:03


kilty thanks for the post.

DD is still spotty, isn't quite so miserable today though.

I had a bad day yesterday. (very self indulgent waffle, ignore if you want)

I just can't handle things changing, even the thought of it throws me completely. Yesterday a neighbour came over and said that her parents need to move from their 3 bedroom house into a ground floor 2 bedroom flat. Obviously with a DD and DS we need to move to a 3 bedroom. Unfortunately it's on a council estate over the other side of town. I have friends on the estate, the only problem would be DD would have to go to a different school. As she has SN we were really worried about her starting at the new local school but she loves it and can't wait to start in September. i just completely lost the plot at the thought of moving and her changing school. I cried all day until we visited teh house and decided it wasn't suitable for us anyway. DP was really shocked at my reaction as was I. I think I need to see someone to try and learn to handle new situations better as I don't want to pass my insecurities on to DD and DS. Any suggestions or strategy's I could use to stop me completely freaking out?

Anyway, morning routine is almost done. DC's still not dressed but we're not going anywhere so not really a problem.
Mission was done yesterday, so today will tackle the hotspot in our bedroom, why do chairs in bedrooms always attract soo much clutter on and under, or is it just me?

Had better get off the computer adn get going.

Have a good morning everyone


TheMadHouse · 07/07/2008 09:07

Shanna Fear of change is a really common human issue, you will find most people have it to some extent or another. One of the best ways to deal with it - is to think what is the worst that could happen and put a plan into place to deal with that.

i.e We loved the house, but DD would need to go to a different school - contact LEA and ask about taxi to old school and intergration to new school, portage help etc

Hope this helps a little - it is usually never as bad as we fear it will be

SirCharlieStinkySocks · 07/07/2008 09:09

Morning all

Well my little one has had his nursery class sports day cancelled due to crappy rain so he's in school this am instead of pm.

Today I have to

Clean hamster cage
Change beds
Laundry x 2 (hopefully)
Cull 2 long legged spiders currently residing under my stairs but 1 has gone AWOL
Phone vets to book dog in for spaying

Plus the routines I have yet to develop

Have a good day guys

biglips · 07/07/2008 09:42

Morning all!!

i just had to walk back to DD's preschool to get my phone out of her bag - my fault!! im back now!! phew!! and im needing a fresh cold drink before i start my mission!!

Over the weekend we did alot as decluttered the spare bedroom - i couldnt even put my foot in it as mostly fishing gear is in there atm plus got damp on the walls as rain is coming thru but need to save the money for that but its not emergency and yesterday hoovered the dining room and finished off the mess also sorted the babys bedroom out to get ready for this arrival...9 weeks to gooooooo!!!!!



  1. Got DD, breakkie, dressed and took her to her preschool
  2. Plucked the weeds out from the front as all dead now
  3. Empty dishwasher and dishes away
  4. sort Tea out for 2nite
  5. Declutter Kitchen window ledge as far too much crap on it!!

    plus DD is going to her friends house today after her preschool
dylsmum1998 · 07/07/2008 11:08

morning all.
have been shopping briefly this morning, thought i'd goto the tkmaxx and get the dress they had in the window and.......its gone sold out!! so i got one similar style in BAy tradng was measnt to be £40 down to £25 in the sale

morning to do list
tidy done
feed dc Done
make ds lunch
ironing done
strip my bed done
put sheets in washer done
unload washer done
fold and put away dry washing done
make dd bed done
remake my bed
wash up done

did most of the list before school run, just need to finish it off.

afternoon list
sort dinner
make menu plan for week
food shopping?
clean fridge
make list of to do phne calls for week, i have loads to make and keep forgetting so gonna organise myself into doing

am off to cinema thursday with a friend and her neighbour, we gonna see mamamia. so excited i want to go to London to see it on stage, but this will do for now

RubyRioja · 07/07/2008 11:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Notquitegrownup · 07/07/2008 11:13

Good morning all. Had to have a fly holiday, with friends staying since last Wednesday (and they arrived four hours early!! Agh!!)

However, I'm back now and doing babysteps again. Are we on day 7, for other babysteppers? day 7 of babysteps

I've just spent too long in active convos, so must go and doooooo something!

babyjjbaby · 07/07/2008 11:50

hiya done a bit just need to do the downstairs then i am going to cheletenham hopefully for a birthday treat looking round the shops

up washed dressed
made beds
tidy up upstairs
washed bathroom floor
swish and swipe bathroom
got washing in and put on airer
put wash on but can't put it on airer till 2nite
put washing up away
vacuem upstairs
polish upstairs

to do
tidy up downstairs
vacuem downstairs
polsh downstairs
steam kitchen
give dogs fresh water

scattyspice · 07/07/2008 12:19

Hi all. Haven't caught up with WE yet. Had a busy WE (day out for DH birthday, swimming and party). Have lots on at the moment so feeling a bit crazy. I might go back to babysteps to keep under control.
My List:
BR floor
Change sheets
Sort K hotspot
Cull magazines
Fill charity bag (me and DD clothes)
phone mum, dad and sis

shanna Moving house is very scary (we tried last yr but found it too stressful so have stayed put) and I'm finfding the prospect of DS going from reept to yr1 scary (never mind changing school). So your feelings are entirely natural.

Kitty why are you aching? Not hurt I hope?

Off to read baby steps.

grouchyoscar · 07/07/2008 12:31

Hello Folks

I'd done a big personalised list and...I closed the wrong window down and lost it so

Kilty Thanks for the thread

TMH Thanks for the lists, take it steady!

Tiger I think we are all scared of change to some extent. Mad has given sound ideas

BabyJJ Good shopping (I have no shopping genes)

Ruby I think everyone is off it today

Hello to Tort Biglips and NQGU

Hope I haven't missed anyone

Well Ed is back at school and I need to take his penecillin round. That child is a kid and a half and I'm so pleased he's off my hands for a bit Hells bells, I have 6 weeks with him soon

I have done the morning routines and spent a fair bit of time sorting out Online accounts. I've also contacted 2 companies for replacement game parts/instructions. Waiting for the bloke to come and quote for a replacement porch as mine is rotting where it stands.

Hope you're all well and happy, off with the meds now. TTFN

grouchyoscar · 07/07/2008 12:33

X posts. Hi Scatty and how can I forget SirCharlie cos I read you last night

kiltycoldbum · 07/07/2008 12:39

hiya scatty just come down with a bad cold, sore throat, headache, infact whole body and eye ache how does that work?! poor dp had to put up with me snuffling like a piggy all night then go to work at 7:30am! now im just willing ds to go to sleep purleease!!!

Dp just come home early an gone back out so he has been told i am resolutely doing nothing else in this house today other than lounging on sofa then going for yummy bath to warm my bones, obviously i shall feed and change nappies

however i have
Cleaned out fireplace
Hoovered Lounge
Hoovered Kitchen
Mission Completed!
Cleaned out fridge (well chucked loads of food)
S&S Toilet
Cleaned out fish
even cleaned the dish drainer and dishbrush pot
and cleaned out handbag!

obviously bfasts have been done and tidied away
so next is lunch for dd

then i am sitting on my bum bummity bum bummity bum bum bum and write up my lists nicely!
while holding ds who just wants to yell, but his 2nd tooth is coming through so we shall let him get away with it!

OP posts:
babyjjbaby · 07/07/2008 12:43

swish and swipe kitchen
polish downstairs
had lunch
vacuem downstairs
tidy up downstairs
dog water

thats it it will have to do fro today gonna get ready and go to town now wonder how wet i will get lol

SirCharlieStinkySocks · 07/07/2008 12:47

Afternoon all!!

Well ds2 is kipping on sofa after morning at school, poor mite all shattered. Well I have:

Clean hamster cage
Change beds done
Laundry x 2 (hopefully)done
Dust done
Cull 2 long legged spiders currently residing under my stairs but 1 has gone AWOL - avoiding that like the plague!!!!
Phone vets to book dog in for spaying done

I've also managed some general decluttering and tidying in my tip of a bedroom And plugged in my new alarm clock at the other side of bedroom so I may actually get up on time in the mornings!!! (usually take mobile up and put it on snooze for a decade before I stumble out of bed)

Hi Grouchy glad Ed is better bless him, yes 6 weeks hols coming scarily close now!!!

babyjjbaby enjoy the shopping

Tiger Some good advice there from Mad it's true I think we all get like that sometimes.

TMH That's a heck of a list, mind if I nick it???

waves to everyone else

See you later

scattyspice · 07/07/2008 12:48

Kilty you've done plenty. Tek it easy now.
Babyj happy shopping .

dylsmum1998 · 07/07/2008 14:36

sircharlie i would be avoiding anywhere i knew there were spiders too

have just been up to asda to get a few bits i needed ad it is murder! they are making it a store with clothes etc in, which is good i like the baby clothes, but they are rearranging everything so cant find anything you need and everyone is getting the hump and being rude, pushing trolleys into you etc etc. dd wasnt pleased i put her in trolley but she not walking through that!
then everyone in shop seemed to go to till at once, but i nice lady came and said come with me i'm opening a new till up the end. so i got from back of queue to fornt .
i've bought a dvd ds likes ( narnia borrowed from a friend a few weeks back and he loved it, down to £5) and going to try a manner chart with ds, he is being horrendous at the moment so rude. not sure what else to do with him to sort things out, but they cant keep as they are my temper is wafer thin at the mo and dont want it to go completely. i think gonna sit down for a good chat later, after dinner he always happier after dinner. have bouught a tea he'll eat no probs so we should noth be relaxed happy and therefor (hopefully) able to talk and see whats going on.
dd is sound asleep oon my bed, she fallen asleep in car on way back from asda. so have had to leave half the shopping in the car as couldnt carry her plus whole week worth of shopping, sodding lift is out of order as always and i just cant carry that much. i should have arms like a body builder since i moved in here

oh sorry this has turned into a complete ramble
please ignore- the short version is i've done everything on my lists earlier except sort out the phone calls i need to make

RubyRioja · 07/07/2008 14:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 · 07/07/2008 14:45

yes it is, and only a few mins from my flat

oh dear gonna be lethal

pathetically excited to, but thats what i loved so much about living 'up north' the asda all had clothes in, so very excited we gonna have clothes here too

RubyRioja · 07/07/2008 14:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 · 07/07/2008 14:56

lol dunno- couldnt find what i wanted, had to walk round several times just trying to find eggs. i do usually manage to get what i need there, guess it depends o what you want
i hate the gravesend store can never find it, then by time find it cant find my way round it

i hate new stores or new layout in stores i really struggle to cope with it and end up leaving very very stressed

RubyRioja · 07/07/2008 14:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

biglips · 07/07/2008 15:23

I had to rearrange a couple of things


  1. Got DD, breakkie, dressed and took her to her preschool done
  2. Plucked the weeds out from the front as all dead now done
  3. Empty dishwasher and dishes away done
  4. sort Tea out for 2nite done
  5. Declutter Kitchen window ledge as far too much crap on it!! *done
  6. Hoovered the whole house done
  7. Swish and swipe bathroom done
  8. laundry washed done and waiting for yesterdays laundry to dry first before i can put the 2nd lot on
  9. Laundry away tonight
  10. Tea on
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