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water tank in loft has leaked through ceiling and carpets now smell damp/musky help!!

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foxy1 · 04/07/2008 20:51

smell is really strong!! any advice on what to do to help get rid of smell. this happened onsunday and have cleaned with vac cleaner on wednesday but still smells really bag. have also put no wet wonderfoam 1001 to help woth smell but it is still awful and we have the house on the market!! any advice would really be appreciated!! thank you

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PeaMcLean · 04/07/2008 21:20

We used to have problems with our front room carpet cos DH would hire a carpet cleaner, soak the carpet, then it would stink like mouldy cabbage for a few days. We used shake & vac and after about a week, the smell went.

But if it's really very soaked, could you claim on the house insurance? Does it seem dry?

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