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which kind of mop?

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giraffescantdance · 29/06/2008 20:56

the flat kind or the stringy kind - which do you have and why?

need a new one soon and am not sure

OP posts:
southeastastra · 29/06/2008 20:57

i just use a pan scrub thing and get down on hands and keens (good exercise) ime all mops are rubbish

smartiejake · 29/06/2008 20:59

Vileda super mops are great. You can ring them out more easily than the flat ones which makes it easier particularly if you have wooden floors which musn't get too wet.

You will need the kind of bucket that has the drainer type thingy that you squeeze it into though.

girlandboy · 29/06/2008 21:01

I've got one that I got from Tesco. It's a microfibre one, that kind of wrings itself out. It screws around on itself. (Not well explained). However, it's the best one I've ever had.

giraffescantdance · 30/06/2008 15:32

well i bought a microfibre one...a grey one.

There was also a pink one. It was 2x the price...but it was PINK. I wanted it!!!!

I fear I am getting old and sensible now oh dear

OP posts:
chloemegjess · 30/06/2008 21:55

I have just bought a steam mop. £25 but you dont need any cleaning products as they steam cleans and kills germs.

Its brilliant

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