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Asda home delivery

13 replies

itati · 26/06/2008 16:55

It is new to our area.

I am trhinking about giving it a go but still really want to stick with Ocado. Maybe just use Asda for non food items. Any experience of their delivery service and where can I get voucher codes from please? TIA.

OP posts:
maidamess · 26/06/2008 16:58

I have used their deliv service and was pleased. They are good at telling you promptly if there is a delay.

dylsmum1998 · 26/06/2008 17:53

i have used the service a few times, its relatively new here. very pleased have been given some great alteratives when what i want isnt available, much more expensive than i pay
they've been very friendly when delivering and are the only delivery i have had that doesnt complain about carrying it up to a 2nd floor flat.
the only thing i didnt like is they give me the very fatty stewing beef, all other meets were great

IPityTheFool · 26/06/2008 17:57

i had them once

they kindly softened most of the fruit and veg for me, in case I broke my teeth on any of it - I think they used jack boots for this

they had a laid back, relaxed attitude to time keeping

oh how we all laughed at their substitutes (herbs instead of bubble bath, that's the last time I order Radox online) but that jsut shows what a great sense of humour they have

Viva Ocado, that's what I say.

IPityTheFool · 26/06/2008 17:57

Ocado have just started doing flowers and magazines. I'm so happy.

itati · 26/06/2008 17:59

Have they?

OP posts:
HappyMummyOfOne · 26/06/2008 20:08

Asda's computer picks substitutes so you can end up with silly things - ie wotsits instead of persil (DH wasnt impressed with yellow clothes lol).

Sainsburys I didnt rate and I stick to Tesco as they havent let me down in 6 years.

Not tried Ocado as seemed expensive.

IAteRosemaryConleyForBreakfast · 26/06/2008 20:10

Never had a problem with ASDA (more than I can say for Tesco, which is also, on a like for like shop, almost 25% more expensive!).

Any substitutes I have ever had have been spectacular bargains.

andyrobo237 · 26/06/2008 20:22

Well it is worth giving it a go - it does depend upon the staff in the shop doing the picking, as I found we were given short dated fresh food - some had to be eaten that day when delivered at 9pm and not something that could be frozen.

Tescos have been fine for me, but recently tried Ocado and it is like a breath of fresh air - far superior service, but then you pay for it!

Maybe you can do non food items to try it as you say, and then decide!

RainingCatsandDogs · 26/06/2008 21:01

I get my everyday stuff delivered from Asda.What I like is :

delivery on time and dates available at short notice usually
substitute with a better item if your choice not available and don't charge you the difference
money back on things delivered with poor dates/poor quality if you ring them
never pay for delivery use money saving expert - go to last page for up to date codes.

Quality of fruit/veg can be a bit hit and miss as can some of their own brand stuff (although some is very good and they do give you 200% back if you ring on the stuff that isn't)
Why pay more for the basics?
I like my savings for example current offer 3 bottles of wine for £10 - these sort of offers always have at least one decent wine included so got 3 bottles of red normally £7.98 each for £10 for 3.I'm sure wine counts as a basic
I just buy the specific products I really like at Waitrose, and buy local free range meat at the butchers and local in season veg at greengocers with the money I save.

Dozeynoo · 26/06/2008 23:29

I have used Asda and Tescos regularly. They have both managed to screw the shopping up big time on several occasions.

The Tesco web-site is better and easier to find stuff. The Asda search fails to find stuff you know is there and last time I shopped with them the white choc-chips for cooking were in a totally different category to the milk choc-chips, also the twin pack of garlic bread was in a different category to the single pack.

On the plus side Asda is cheaper and I think their own brand products taste better than Tescos who put too much salt and sugar in things for my taste.

The main reason I prefer Tescos on-line is that for the delivery slot I book I can update my order until 9.30am on the day of delivery, whereas Asda had to be completed by 5.30pm the day before, which didn't really work for me as I tend to do the shopping once the kids are in bed.

I would give Asda a go for a couple of weeks and see what you think.

Aero · 26/06/2008 23:41

I'm on my third week of Asda deliveries and so far so good. The first week in general was very good, but with a couple of hiccups. I complained and was refunded for meat which has same days date on (still good and I did use it), and fish which arrived in a broken box. Think it must have been damaged in transit as seemed very fresh, but they refunded without quibble and were very apologetic. Next time I got free delivery as well.

Last weeks delivery was perfect. No mistakes nothing unavailable. I always say no to substitutes.

Haven't payed delivery yet as another mner pointed me in the direction of this website.

I am definitely spending less than I would by going to the store myself.

itati · 27/06/2008 10:52

I refuse to use Tesco on line again after I waited in for a dleivery and then got 1 hour's notice that they would be a day late.

Sainbury's I think is expensive for what it is.

I think I will use Asda for non food items and Ocado for my food. It is a superior quality to anywhere else imo and not much more in cost.

Thanks all.

OP posts:
itati · 27/06/2008 13:50

Have placed an order but spent £37 so I don't think there are any vouchers on the linked sites, but thank you anyway.

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