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BEDDING - Enlighten Me Please...

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JeremyVile · 24/06/2008 18:32

Quilts and pillows - Is feather/down really the way to go?
Had some years ago, it stank so I chucked it - is that normal?
What's the alternative?
I'm after the decent bedding you always get in hotels; heavy and squishy and you just sink into it.

Also, bed linen - do you know where to get hold of really nice sheets etc but cheaper?
Is high thread count egyptian cotton the best or is there something else I should be looking for?

And are satin sheets really, really bad? No one else would see them, I just think they would feel all cool and nice.
If they're still considered naff, can we just pretend I didn't ask? Thanks

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JeremyVile · 24/06/2008 18:52

No, no.
Don't pretend I didn't ask anything - I still want answers.

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vacaloca · 24/06/2008 18:57

I recently bought some 400 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding from here and it is loooovely.

JeremyVile · 24/06/2008 19:37

Oooh, v. good website. Thank you.

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Tess321 · 24/06/2008 19:41

Does Egyptian cotton bedding feel different?

vacaloca · 24/06/2008 19:56

I definitely notice the difference with this bedding - it feels really cool somehow and crispy iywim.

JeremyVile · 24/06/2008 23:23

Have ordered a few bits off that site, Vacaloca, thanks.

Well, I expected this thread to be a stormer, what's not to be interested in? it's got satin sheets and everything!!

PLEASE - more bedding info.....

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