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Grass stains on school dress

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Toffeetart · 23/06/2008 16:45

Does anyone know how to get grass stains out of a school dress? Can't bleach it because it is blue stripey. I originally sprayed it with Vanish and bunged it in the washing machine with Ariel tablets on a 30 degree wash. Useless. Help please!

OP posts:
Othersideofthechannel · 23/06/2008 21:34

I have used Dylon stain remover with success but I don't know if it works once you have washed the item.

MaureenMLove · 23/06/2008 21:37

Try liquid soda chrysals. Works the same as stain remover, but its got no bleach in it. I've managed to get all sorts of things out with it. I had also managed on a second wash, when the ordinary stain remover didn't work. You can get it in wilkos btw.

uptomyeyes · 23/06/2008 21:43

3 tablets of Bold plus a big scoop of Vanish crystals (white pot) does it for my 2 eldest sons cricket kits and they are covered in grass stains every week. Perhaps go up 10 degrees on the wash.

WendyWeber · 23/06/2008 21:46

Scrub it!

Rub with hand soap, scrub with nail brush, then lob in wash as normal. (Grass gets ground in so wants ungrinding out. Elbow grease better than random chemicals )

uptomyeyes · 23/06/2008 21:49

Random Chemicals being far more efficient if you are time pressed like me though

islandofsodor · 23/06/2008 22:16

Scrubbing with Swarfega then a 90 degree wash got all the grass stains out of dd's red stripy dress.

We have totally failed with the red paint and black marker pen though. At £24 a go it's no joke!

Toffeetart · 27/06/2008 18:29

OK. Thank you everyone. When I was out shopping I looked at the stain remover sprays, dabbers etc and bought a tub of Oxi(Oxy?) powder stuff. Made up a sort of paste with it and put it on the grass stains for 10 mins. Also put a half scoop in with the washing tablets in the drawer (Ariel) and washed at 30 degrees. Da Da! Grass stains are no more! Only problem is the Oxy Doxy powder stuff is not that cheap!

OP posts:
TheMARGOnator · 27/06/2008 18:30

biotex is supposed to be the best according to which tests

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