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Ok stupid question but how do I......

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poshwellies · 19/06/2008 14:18

Iron king sized duvet covers

I'm a complete slut when it comes to ironing,never iron unless I need to and I certainly don't iron my bedding-I cant see the point tbh but I have to iron 5 beds worth of white cotton linen (caretaking a luxury holiday cottage).

Call me stupid but is there a specific (and easy )way?

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Ledodgy · 19/06/2008 14:19

If you have a long iron cord iron on the bed. If not fold up and just iron it folded, this gets out most of the major creases.

cheesesarnie · 19/06/2008 14:20

you run away and shove it in cupboard

fryalot · 19/06/2008 14:20

What I used to do:

put edge of duvet cover on ironing board. Iron. Fold over so different bit of duvet cover is on ironing board. Iron. Keep folding and ironing and sooner or later (actually later, much, much later) you have an ironed duvet cover.

Tis a pita.

Am sure it would be easier to put it on the quilt, put it on the bed, plug iron into bedside lamp socket and iron.

poshwellies · 19/06/2008 14:22

at cheese,I've thought about it-bloody white cotton arghhhhhh

Thanks Ledodgy

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MrsBadger · 19/06/2008 14:23

set up ironing board in front of dining table

place one edge of duvet case on ironing board, iron the first 30cm or so (or however much fits on board)
slide ironed area away from you onto table
iron next 30cm
slide away

eventually the whole lot is flat over the table like a tablecloth and has dried enough to be put on the bed without refolding

poshwellies · 19/06/2008 14:26

Sounds like a good plan Mrsbadger,thanks everyone

I really hate ironing,I may have to partake in a few wines and hope for the best.

OP posts:
fryalot · 19/06/2008 14:27

MrsB - what if you don't have a dining room table?

(not that I'm contemplating ever ironing duvet covers ever again, you understand...)

MrsBadger · 19/06/2008 14:30

couple of chairs will do - the point is not to push it away from you into a crumpled heap on the floor

spudcounter · 19/06/2008 19:41

What you need is a beautiful throw to go over it and hide its're only reminded of having not ironed it when you fall into bed at the end of the day..and by that stage you just want to go to sleep on a/c of the wild fab night you've just had drinking and dancing instead of ironing your life away

Soprana · 19/06/2008 19:44

oh my god I never iron duvet covers, not ever. I just fold them up nicely, smooth them out and leave them to dry in the airing room. Never noticed a great need to take an iron to them....

poshwellies · 19/06/2008 23:07

Well,several hundred pillowcases ,2 single,3 king- -bastard-- size duvet covers and 5 sodding sheets.I've rsi and what can only be described as snow blindness,it's all done,until next week..groans.

Thanks for all your suggestions,much appreciated-I did the chair trick.

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