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So, its 7.23am..... and so far I have.....

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DanJARMouse · 18/06/2008 07:26

Hung out 1 load of washing to dry
Put another load of washing on
Tidied Kitchen
Swept livingroom floor
Sorted a pile of clothes

Still to do.....

Washing up
Prep dinner for tonight
Clean kitchen floor
2 more loads of washing
Hoover upstairs
Change beds

oh and pop into town to tax my new car!

Dont you just LOVE it when the kids get up before 6am!

OP posts:
charliecat · 18/06/2008 07:29

Ran up the shop to get cat food and layered my smelly toilet with a solution of bleach as recommended by cod.
Still to do...
Whole of house
Loads of shopping.
Kids still asleep with bath running for me!

DanJARMouse · 18/06/2008 07:30

Doing well there - lucky you having kids still asleep. Mine dont know the meaning of the word sleep!

OP posts:
charliecat · 18/06/2008 07:31

Mine are lazy, they also stay up late
Ditch that ironing!!!!!!! Learn to fold nicely. Or live crumpled!

littlelapin · 18/06/2008 07:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DanJARMouse · 18/06/2008 07:33


to be fair, DH usually does the ironing, but his knees are playing up at the moment so he is pretty crap!

We fold what we can, but there are certain things I insist on being ironed.

Its the kitchen floor im not looking forward to, hate that job! (Flooring put down by Housing Association is rubbish, you need to get on your hands and knees and scrub - cant just mop it!)

OP posts:
justkeepswimming · 18/06/2008 07:34

told ds1 off for getting up at 5
changed the worst bf nappy ever seen (ds2)
read 2 bob magazines
read charlie & lola book twice
got washing out to sort
sat through 3 fireman sam episodes & currently a bob episode
had a cup of tea

still to do
getting dressed
the whole day

DanJARMouse · 18/06/2008 07:37

The kids have had breakfast, just realised i havent even had so much as a cup of tea though so am taking another half hour out!

Oh dear god - Tweenies to accompany my cuppa! Gee, thats just made my day!

OP posts:
hatrick · 18/06/2008 07:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DanJARMouse · 18/06/2008 07:42

hatrick - just lie on the sofa all day woman! You have the most perfect excuse!

I wouldnt even contemplate doing the top bunk not pregnant, DH's job, so dont you dare!

Hope all going well with you though and the DD's are being good for you!

OP posts:
goingslowlymad · 18/06/2008 07:59

so far I have:

got up, dressed, washed and teeth brushed
washed dog bowls and fed dog
folded a load of washing
done my DS Brain Training ;)
had two cups of tea
bathed and dressed one 18 month old

loads more to do obviously, but doesn't really take long.

hatrick · 18/06/2008 08:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bozza · 18/06/2008 08:16

So far I have rung in sick to DD's nursery. Still got DS's school and my work to go - DH can do his own work. And laid in bed with milkshake on. I have some sort of fluey virus -cold, cough, shivery, no appetite, sinus trouble etc and so yesterday just when I rang in sick and hoped for a quiet day in bed they all started throwing up. Both children are bright today but have to stay at home because of 48 hour rule, DH is being pathetic and I can't stop coughing - looks like a fantastic day ahead....

justkeepswimming · 18/06/2008 08:21

have to add to my done list:
cleared up yet another load of sick from ds2
put another load of pukey clothes on to wash
done breakfast
got dressed
sat back down in front of more blooming beebies...

must get ds1 dressed
get us all in car to get ds1 to nursery
food shopping (with ds2 hopefully NOT puking his way round supermarket)
catchup on some sleep i hope...

bozza · 18/06/2008 09:46

justkeepswimming your day sounds a bit like mine. Have made toast for children and bathed them. And dried the swimming doll. And rung the doctor re DD's excema. And rung work. And rung school.

justkeepswimming · 18/06/2008 11:52

hope you all feel better soon

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