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Another Q from a domestic thicko: my dustpan and brush are covered in olive oil ... what now?

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NotQuiteCockney · 17/06/2008 21:40

I've put the brush in a bucket with some Jif, dunno if that will do anything. Seriously - do I need to wash the dustpan in the bathtub, or what?

(It's one of those ones with long handles for both, iyswim. If it makes a difference.)

Oh, and there might be some broken glass in there too.

(I probably should have asked MN earlier in the cleanup process, but there ya go ...)

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lilysmummy2007 · 17/06/2008 23:57

regular washing up liquid works a treat, but use some gloves and few kitchen towels to remove the majority of oil in dust pan and then use brush coated with fairy etc to scrub clean, run under hot water in bath or fill bucket and rinse

SmugColditz · 17/06/2008 23:59

Put them in the washing up bowl with some washing up liquid. Wear rubber gloves in case of glass.

YOu dropped a bottle of olive oil, didn't you?

NotQuiteCockney · 18/06/2008 06:58

Yup, that was it.

The dustpan and brush wasn't the right way to fix it, was it?

Ugh, I've realised there are loads of people coming over today, our cleaner is away, her replacement hasn't been in touch ... looks like I'm cleaning today. Should be interesting, given how much of a clue I haven't got ...

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whomovedmychocolate · 18/06/2008 07:13

Biological washing powder in a bucket of boiling water and dunk the brush - the dustpan, everything, leave and the oil will be digested. Then obviously pour the water away carefully because it will have glass in.

Ce la vie! We've all done something like this and you just grab the nearest thing don't you?

laura032004 · 18/06/2008 08:18

Can you remove the handles and put them in the dishwasher once all the glass is gone? I dishwash my dustpan and brush.

NotQuiteCockney · 18/06/2008 08:59

I'd feel a bit ooky putting them in the dishwasher. I do dishwash my dish scrubbing brushes, but I have a bit of a floor/surfaces divide, at least in my head ...

But the replacement cleaner has texted to say she'll come tomorrow morning, so at least that! I need to sort things out a bit for today, and then she'll do it all properly tomorrow.

(Thank god - we have houseguests etc coming soon after the regular cleaner returns ...)

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