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Do they still make Stardrops all purpose cleaner?

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Caz10 · 17/06/2008 18:14

The stuff lasts for that blooming long - I went to buy a new bottle this week and neither Tescos nor Morrisons seem to stock it anymore - has anyone seen it anywhere?

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cocolepew · 17/06/2008 18:15

I buy it from Asda

AlistairSim · 17/06/2008 18:16

I get it from Sainsburys.

blossomsmine · 18/06/2008 15:51

I have seen it in Sainsburys, there seemed to be two types, what do you use it for?

Caz10 · 18/06/2008 17:39

thanks all!

we are MILES from the nearest sainsburys, boo, but can ask my sis to look out for it.

blossomsmine I use the yellow stuff, didn't know there were different kinds, very intruiging!

I use it for EVERYTHING - floor cleaning in the mop bucket, with water in a spray thingy for surfaces, neat for stains and greasy's miraculous!

OP posts:
Friendlypizzaeater · 18/06/2008 17:42

Home Bargains have both types

Caz10 · 18/06/2008 19:26

is that a chain fpe? i am in the sticks (scotland!) haven't heard of that

OP posts:
blossomsmine · 18/06/2008 20:00

Thanks Caz10, i have heard people talking about it before, but now i will buy it!!!

Caz10 · 19/06/2008 11:45

it's great!!
you won't regret it!

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