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rather than buy another blind that actually keeps the sun out, is it possible to have thick lining stitched into my current curtains?

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TheGoddessBlossom · 16/06/2008 13:53

Have curtains (cream) and a blind (cream) neither of which remotely keep the sun out and am wide awake with scorched eyes at 4.30am at the moment! rather than do what I did last night every night (hook another duvet cover over curtain rail) do you think I could take the current curtains to a sewing shop and get them to stitch some black out lining in? Anyone else ever done this? How much do you think it would cost?

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cmotdibbler · 16/06/2008 13:56

You don't need to stitch anything in - blackout linings just hook onto your curtain tape - like here

wem · 16/06/2008 13:56

We did this just this weekend - took our cream curtains to a blind and curtain shop to get black out lining put in. They were 190cm by 150cm each curtain, and he said it will be £40. Haven't picked them up yet, so don't know the results, but very hopeful I'll be able to sleep past 4.30am soon!

pollywobbledoodle · 16/06/2008 13:57

can attach linings....but sun comes in around the edges and dd can spot it!

Cappuccino · 16/06/2008 13:57

the best solution is one the lady in the curtain shop told me

put sticky velcro round your window frame and then stick blackout lining directly on

it is pitch black

she recommended it for children's rooms and said: "It's so dark then you can't find them in their cots," and she was right

pollywobbledoodle · 16/06/2008 13:59

ooh....good idea!

TheGoddessBlossom · 16/06/2008 13:59

ooh cmotdibbler that looks just the ticket thank you! MN rocks.

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TheGoddessBlossom · 16/06/2008 14:01

I don'tmind it coming in round the edges- both my boys have blackout blinds and that happens with them, although I do stack toys either side to minimise that....but I don't mind sun leaking in in our room, just not a huge SUNSHINE GLARE like I'm bloody sunbathing! Hideous!

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