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silly putty smooshed into a sheepskin

4 replies

crazycanuck · 11/06/2008 15:39

that's it!! does anyone have any wisdom on how to get it out? it's bright purple too...

OP posts:
cmotdibbler · 11/06/2008 15:47

Freeze it and then brush the worst of it out. Then gently machine wash on hand wash setting and allow to dry naturally.

crazycanuck · 11/06/2008 16:57

thank you!!

OP posts:
WenchConnection · 11/06/2008 16:59

pmsl, I read that as silly pussy
Then thought shmoosed was a word for sick or something, and was about to berate the OP for using silly baby language.

crazycanuck · 11/06/2008 17:40

WC, are you already into the wine?!

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