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Laundry SOS!

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castille · 04/06/2008 12:46

I washed my daughter's light pink ballet leotard with her black dance tights by mistake and the leotard is now a dull greyish pink.

I've got a colour restoring thing but it says not to use on synthetics and the leotard is a polyamide-lycra affair.

Any genius solutions? She's got an exam and a presentation in less than 2 weeks and it looks horrid

OP posts:
NotABanana · 04/06/2008 12:51

I would risk it, what have you to lose? She can't wear as it is and it might turn out fine.

castille · 04/06/2008 13:19

True. If there no one knows any magic solution I'll have to risk it. Dammit, they are expensive things.

OP posts:
NotABanana · 04/06/2008 13:21

Is it still wet? What about running it on a cold wash. Not a hot one as that will set the dull colour in place.

PrettyCandles · 04/06/2008 13:21

I've tried colour-run restorers, and all that happened was that the item got bleached out.

Woolies often do leotards that are easily good enough for a younger child - and are cheap!

castille · 04/06/2008 13:28

No it's dry now - it dries in minutes. But I'll wash it again on cold before trying the colour restorer. No doubt it'll destroy its elasticity too and leave it good for the rag pile, but like you say, nothing to lose!

No Woolies here (France) sadly and she needs a particular type for her classes, which are of course pricey

OP posts:
nannyL · 04/06/2008 20:09

i have also used that on a PINK top where a VERY dark green towel ran into it

the result was a discusting grey nastybleached out top

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