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service washes at cleaners...

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MargaretMountford · 01/06/2008 21:41

out of interest, do people use these and if so, do you send in your underwear ?

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TheBlonde · 01/06/2008 21:47

yes, used them when we were without a washing machine for a few weeks, and yes sent the undies too

TheBlonde · 01/06/2008 21:47

at the launderette, not the dry cleaners though

MargaretMountford · 01/06/2008 21:48

that's interesting, - was it expensive btw ?

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MargaretMountford · 01/06/2008 21:49

no launderette here, but our cleaners apparently washes,dries and folds your laundry for you,according to sign - was curious about underwear though

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TheBlonde · 01/06/2008 21:50

I can't remember how much it was, a couple of quid more than doing it yourself iirc

seeker · 01/06/2008 21:50

I use service washes all the time and yes, I send everyting. Apart from any vey embarassing knickers!

Swedes · 01/06/2008 21:50

Are you sending it out to be dealt with because you fear you have a knicker sniffer on the premises at home?

MargaretMountford · 01/06/2008 21:52

no !! I am not intending to send my washing out unless I can't use my machine - it just seems a bit odd to have strangers handling one's smalls !

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MarmadukeScarlet · 01/06/2008 21:56

I have previously used launderette service wash, £15 - 20 for a massive laundry bag (one of those blue/white checked one with zip) full to bursting.

In by 9am, collect by 4pm, folded and neatly put back.

Yes I send undies, but not bras.

I think it is a good deal, I only use it if machine playing up, before I had tumbler and weather was bad, or if I/one of DC has been too ill for me to do normal family washing - DH can't use machine.

Swedes · 01/06/2008 22:11

MM - I think they use rubber gloves, SARS masks, bio-suits and laundry tongs.

MargaretMountford · 01/06/2008 22:22
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