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Will I regret having white floor tiles in the bathroom?!

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Tinkjon · 26/05/2008 20:17

My mum says I'll really regret having white floor tiles in the bathroom, as they will get dirty really quickly and I'll have to be cleaning them all the time. I think she's right, we have white tiles in our utility room and they're awful. But I really can't see any other option than white tiles with how I want to decorate. I thought that maybe it wouldn't get as dirty in there as it does in our utility room (it's a 2nd bathroom, upstairs, do it's not like I'll be in there much during the day) and we won't have shoes on when we use it during the night.

I am not a person who likes to clean - so do you think I could get away with it or will it drive me mad?!

OP posts:
Iota · 26/05/2008 20:18

bright white or off white?

beansmum · 26/05/2008 20:22

I have white lino in my bathroon and it's driving me mad. I don't clean it all the time, but I really should.

zog · 26/05/2008 20:24

Yes, sorry.

chocolateshoes · 26/05/2008 20:25

Yes I do!!!

pregnabrain · 26/05/2008 20:26

No! Don't do it. It's a nightmare.

It's the...hairs .

hatwoman · 26/05/2008 20:28

what are the other bits like - that you only think white will go with? also one of the key (and often forgotten things) is the colour of the grouting - don't even consider white grouting (anywhere for that matter)

mumonthenet · 26/05/2008 20:28

it's the grouting that gets grubby and manky imo. Can you choose a coloured grouting? i.e. not white.

I have white floor tiles and the tiles don't seem to show the dirt but I wish I'd had coloured grouting.

hatwoman · 26/05/2008 20:30

cross posted mumonthenet - I've had 2 bathrooms done in our house and each time have deeply regretted not giving the tiler specific grouting-related instructions. next time (lord knows when that will be) I will have learned from my mistakes.

cupsoftea · 26/05/2008 20:30

I've had white tiles & it was fine. No extra work.

treacletart · 26/05/2008 20:31

We have painted white floor boards in ours. Not too bads to maintain - we keep a pack of floor wipes handy - and it's very easy to whack another coat down every once in a while.

motherinferior · 26/05/2008 20:31

We have big white tiles. They look clean to me, but I will confess here and now that I have never checked the grouting.

mumonthenet · 26/05/2008 20:32

me too hatwoman...I was even wondering if I could dig out the grouting and redo it with coloured!

JoanCrawford · 26/05/2008 20:34

I have white tiles and white grouting.

It gets a thorough, hands on knees clean once a week. And it's fine. Every couple of months I get an old toothbrush and bleach the grouting.

Though now, 3years on, I'd say it's needs to be re-grouted as it's looking grubby.

White tiles not a problem but if possible I'd advise a grey grout

JoanCrawford · 26/05/2008 20:36

No bullshit I wouldn't, I like the white tile, white grout look. It just needs abit of work that's all.

mumonthenet · 26/05/2008 20:42

I've done the" on the knees with a toothbrush stuff" and, after doing it a few times, I really wish I'd had coloured grouting

Agree though the white grouting and white tiles looks really sleek...but only when it's new.

hatwoman · 26/05/2008 20:44

mumonthenet - one day I'm going to get myself to homebase and buy some of this - looks like it'll do the job...

mumonthenet · 26/05/2008 20:46


Tinkjon · 26/05/2008 21:08

I was so happy to see so many replies when I logged back on, but so sad to see that you nearly all said no I would have white grout with the tiles but would get them sealed first - my tiler said that you can buy grout sealer which keeps it white. Treacletart, white floorboards are what I really want, but I thought wood in a bathroom was a no-no. Have you had any problems with yours? I know I would never get around to re-painting them (and I actually like the sort of distressed look). Also I wonder if having wood floorboards put down would be really expensive (it's a brand new extension so has nothing on the floor at the moment). Hatwoman, I am having a white bathroom suite, with colour (probably blue) on the walls - and I can't envisage a 3rd colour in the room as well. I also have an admittedly anal thing about not liking white with cream.

OP posts:
cat64 · 26/05/2008 22:15

This reply has been deleted

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