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Can anyone help with some stain removal suggestions please?

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Earlybird · 26/05/2008 02:47

Must be our weekend for tricky stains in the Earlybird 'nest'. Could use some advice about effective removal techniques for:

  1. Sofa - Dd did not realise her scraped elbow was bleeding, and we now have some spots of blood on the fabric.

  1. Carpet - There is a small grey spot next to my printer. I can't be sure but suspect it may have come from some not-quite-dry ink on a printed paper that rubbed onto the carpet (light coloured carpet, of course....)

Anyone have suggestions for removal? Obviously, don't want to do anything that could make the stains worse...
OP posts:
UnderRated · 26/05/2008 03:16

I have a blue spray carpet cleaner (1001?) which seems to shift most dubious stains on the carpet. I have used it on a cream coloured sofa too. Other than that, no idea, sorry.

Earlybird · 26/05/2008 03:23

Thanks for that - where did you get the carpet cleaning spray? Presumably a supermarket or hardware store?

OP posts:
UnderRated · 26/05/2008 03:34


I just got up and checked - it's Woolite Oxy Deep. I'd test it somewhere inconspicuous. I only used it on the sofa because I didn't care too much about it anyway.

Earlybird · 26/05/2008 11:42

Thanks for that.

Anyone else (all you flyladies, etc.)?

OP posts:
bubblagirl · 26/05/2008 11:48

dove soap on blood stain or a mild soap lathered up blotting area not rubbing

ink blotting with alcohol but not rubbing stain the blot with cloth not rubbing again and repeat until stain is out

worked for me but not sure if it does for everybody

CarGirl · 26/05/2008 11:50

COLD water for blood and vanish soap bar

mybrainaches · 26/05/2008 11:51

cold salty water for blood, and hairspray will take most of the ink out.

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