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Linz2 · 23/05/2008 21:37

I have a white plastic bath and despite regular cleaning it has a greyish look to it, I live in a hard water area so assume it is a build up of limescale. If you scratch at it with your thumbnail you can get the film off but very time consuming, can anyone recommend a cleaning product that will bring my bath back to its original gleaming self?

OP posts:
Furball · 24/05/2008 07:38

for limescale - limelite gel is very good, you just literally squeeze it on and leave it 10 mins or so to do its thing then rinse off.

HereWeGoRoundTheMulberryBag · 26/05/2008 21:49

Message withdrawn

babyjjbaby · 30/05/2008 19:53

soak in washing powder and then use washing up liquid to clean it instead of bathroom cleaner

littleboyblue · 30/05/2008 23:25

I watch things like HOW Clean Is Your House and Cleanaholics etc and apparently the best way to clean a plastic bath is when you get out, top the water up to just above the rim mark and add a cup af washing powder, leave it to soak over night.

WendyWeber · 30/05/2008 23:28

Don't use a scourer, which is what one of my children helpfully did

Have you got a microfibre cloth? If so try that before anything else - they are scarily good at cleaning most surfaces without adding anything except water

TimeForMe · 31/05/2008 14:29

Try Fairy Power spray, I use it for baths, showers and almost everything else, it's great.

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