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Home Filing - how long do you/should you/is it useful to keep everything for??

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UpsyDaisyDo · 21/05/2008 10:08

Title say it all really! I'm trying to sort out all my bills and other paperwork which is just getting out of control because I hardly ever throw anything away! I've got bank statements, bills, car insurance certficates, mortgage paperwork etc etc going back literally years. So, what should I keep/shred - I know I need to be ruthless but need help from organised people please. xx

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OverMyDeadBody · 21/05/2008 10:10

I keep about two years' worth of bills and bank statements, but some stuff needs to be kept forever doesn't it?!

If it helps I look at each thing when I'm having a sort out and think, will I need this is a years' time? If the answer is no then I shred it.

Nbg · 21/05/2008 10:11

All mortgage stuff goes in a box in the loft.
I think its best to keep it all but shove it out the way because you barely need it.
Bank statements we keep for 2/3 years. Having been through some fraud stuff, I would say its safer to keep it than chuck it out.
Bills we usually just keep for a year.

Dh is a bugger with pay slips though. He keep them forever.

He sorted out our filing cabinet the other day and dug out payslips from 2001!

UpsyDaisyDo · 21/05/2008 10:15

Thing is I'm keeping stupid things for sentimental reasons as well (my first mortgage offer, old job offers/reference letter etc. etc) and I'm literally drowning in waste paper cos I can't bring myself to do it!!!! I know I don't need them majority of it.... LOL. 2 years sounds like a reasonable starting point though. Thanks OMDB x

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UpsyDaisyDo · 21/05/2008 10:18

Nbg I've not even got a blooming mortgage any more but still think I should keep eveything. And I'm the same as your dh with the payslips! It's all in a box fit to burst at the moment - filing cabinet definitely needs to go on my shopping list. Plenty of room in loft though so maybe put it all up there and forget about it.

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