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kitchen cupboards doing my head in

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Yorkiegirl · 19/05/2008 21:14

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
BigBadMouse · 19/05/2008 21:31

OMG I know what you mean. I keep getting attacked by blimen tupperware tubs. Took everything out of one big bottom cupboard the other day to 'organise' it, put it all back 'organised' and it all attacked me again the next time I opened the door .

KatyMac · 19/05/2008 21:33

I am slowly doing away with base units

I have put 18 wall units from floor to ceiling along one wall....and they have changed my life

FromGirders · 19/05/2008 21:33

Chuck out half your stuff. Do you really use all those tupperware boxes? At least get rid of things that don't stack inside each other properly.
Kitchen cupboards are very over-rated in my view. I have one for food, and one under the sink. Everything else is on shelves where I can see it, and which don't have bloody doors to poke me in the eye.

BigBadMouse · 19/05/2008 21:41

fromgirders - you sound like my DH . YES I DO NEED THEM ALL! My boxes are all the same size so don't stack but I totally agree with the shelf thing..

yorkiegirl I moved my saucepans out of a cupboard and put them on hooks from the ceiling - seems to make cooking much quicker as I can just grab what I need instead of wrestling it out of the cupboards.

I want a pantry

blithedance · 19/05/2008 21:45

Have taken out the shelves and replaced with pull-out units like this, a cobbled together retrofit version.

Pans in one, tins jars and packets in another. Changed my life too. Also plastic boxes in one of those wicker baskets meant for vegetables. when they start erupting, tidy up or throw away.

Things I don't use much are in the remaining inaccessible units.

Yorkiegirl · 19/05/2008 21:54

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
KatyMac · 19/05/2008 22:02

Mine are hung on a rail along the wall (above the worksurface below the wall units)

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