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I have finally found somewhere to put all 4 recycling container yippeeeeeeee!!!!

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LoveMyGirls · 04/05/2008 19:46

I did put them in the playhouse but now it's coming up to summer I can't keep them in there plus it is a pita to keep going outside especially with how much rain we've had lately so I've just dedicated a corner of my kitchen to it all! I have had to put my chid sized chairs and table, £40's worth in the playhouse instead which is a shame but needs must!

The thing is.....I'm a childminder and Im unsure about the fact there is now tins/ cans where children can reach them - of course i'll be keeping an eye and asking them not to touch BUT what do you all think about this? I suppose it's balancing it up with the fact recycling is a positive role model and caring about their future etc?

Where are you all keeping yours?

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