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Okay you clever lot, need curtains for newly decorated livingroom 90x90/

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singyswife · 04/05/2008 19:24

But need 90x90 which are always the most expensive and need a set for both ends of the room. HELP. Where can I get them at a reasonable price. (Not £90 per pair). Thanks

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Joash · 04/05/2008 19:24

Can you make your own?

singyswife · 04/05/2008 19:30

I cannot sew to save myself, have trouble sewing on a button. I suppose I COULD beg my mum to make them for me. Have seen the ones I want but they are £90 a pair. How I wish money was no object.

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eandh · 04/05/2008 19:34

Do you have a dunelim mill (sp) near you I got some lovely turquoise blue/green for the playroom in that size for £25.

Alternatively TJ Hughes and Rosebys's normally good prices and a bit of choice.

What colours are you thinking off?

singyswife · 04/05/2008 19:36

Have just had my livingroom done over the weekend in autumn red and toffee. Is very nice but had really cream curtains up before and rat has chewed them to bits and the cream wont go. Will check Rosebys in the week hopefully will manage to get something in there.

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singyswife · 04/05/2008 19:57


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TillyScoutsmum · 04/05/2008 20:06

Have you tried Argos ? cheap and some nice ones

singyswife · 04/05/2008 20:07

Have looked in there.

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twinsetandpearls · 04/05/2008 20:08

not sure of prices but we were in B and Q last night and they had some lovely curtains.

Hvae you checked ebay, I bought some curtains for dd room for a big bay window and they were thirty pounds for 2 sets of brand new curtains.

twinsetandpearls · 04/05/2008 20:10

do you really mean the rat has chewed them to bits?

singyswife · 04/05/2008 20:11

Yes I really mean the Rat has chewed them to pieces. Have looked on ebay but will look again.

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TillyScoutsmum · 04/05/2008 20:12

Textiles Direct ? here

twinsetandpearls · 04/05/2008 20:12

do you mean 90 inches?

singyswife · 04/05/2008 20:15

yeah, might get away with 90x72 though.

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