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Thursday FLY

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TeenyTinyTorya · 01/05/2008 08:45

Hi, hope you don't mind me posting the link.


Having another day at home today, just catching up on things before the show tomorrow. If there was a terrified smiley, I would be using it right now!

Wash dishes
Finish Everest of ironing
Paperwork and admin
Clean bedroom

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 01/05/2008 15:38

well we were walking home from Preschool and both the boys decided to jump in the bigest muddiest and smelliest puddle in the wjole wide world. So DS1's clarks shoes are hung on the washing lin, DS2s doodles will be going in the wash and they are running arround nudey rudey doodey

So its going to be an early bath and then cheese on toast with tomatoes for dinner for them. The home made pizza I had planned can wait until Friday.

I put up a PC trolley when DS2 was napping

But I have a big long list to do, as we has guests all weekend. Suprise silver wedding party for the boys godparents tomorrow night. We are getting them a silver wedding aniversary rose. Then on Sunday is is Baby Ls christening. I have bought some hard back books for them to read to him.

I am also meeting EHM tomorrow afternoon for coffee, so it is going to be a very busy weekend for me

Jas · 01/05/2008 15:55

10 Swish and swipe done
11 15 min declutter
12 mission
14 2 min hotspot
Put away dps tools

The dds need collecting, then we're back at the opticians to collect dd1s new glasses.She is very excited because they are more fashionable than her last pair

If DP gets paid on Friday i might be able to get mine at the weekend

EHM · 01/05/2008 16:22

TMH you sound lovely & I am really looking forward to oour meet up tomorrow
jasfingers x you get them glasses
Nutspink crouches
Banana& dame hello
dylsmum I agree with jas about the softplay thing.
go your post as always wow
luda you sound very organised & I've everything x Avon Lady works for you.

This will be my last post off to bath ellie & once I've had my yummy sushi when dh gets home we are off to my parents.

Happy Birthday to those of you who have birthdays this weekend.

scattyspice · 01/05/2008 16:30

Hi all.

dyl at that woman at soft play. I am always very grateful when my children are retrieved!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'll be back on Tues.

Ludaloo · 01/05/2008 17:19

Hi again

EHM Thankyou I'm going to give it a good go. Have a good weekend

Jelly and Jas I have been wanting to go and do it for a good year or so now. I have no idea how quickly my appointment will take to come through....hopefully not before my Race For Life!
I have tried every other form of contraception there is and none of them suit me....there is always some side effect that annoys me.

Well DD2 has a bug...she has complained of a poorly belly all day, and then just as I was at the till in the shop...she puked! (Why is it always my kids that puke in shops!?)
So no nursery for her tomorrow.

Right supper is nearly done...better get on to it!

grouchyoscar · 01/05/2008 17:26

No stick day has become 'you've overdone it day' My legs have gone wobbly and jelly like when I went to collect him. Plus I don't think going to the angling shop for the worms was a sensible idea either.

But Ed has gone to his mate's sister's house for tea. That was unexpected and I'm having chance to slow down. Ed and this lad have really hit it off which is nice really.

OK, further DONES are:

S&S hob
S&S worktops
Remake Ed's bed
Tidy his room (this is what sent me over the edge)
Collect Ed from school
Go buy worms
Change him
Empty WM
Load whites and run
Sort for drying piles
Peg out Ed's stuff
Check his seedlings (Peas and beans have sprouted)
Help Ed and his friend plant pumpkin seeds
Take photo's of seeds for his record book
Water pots
Await Ed

To Do

Make tea
Make lunch boxes
Get clothes ready for morning
Hang washing to dry
Get Ed to bed (reading practice, read story etc)
Tidy round
Shine sink

HN I think I'll end up being the Imelda Marcos of the folding walking stick! I've seen some lovely ones on eBay and they're all under £15. Good use of the DLA cash

Feeling a bit more stable now. I think I'll tackle making tea

Better get on with it

BiancaCastafiore · 01/05/2008 17:32


Luda I remember you talking about sterilisation before. Good luck. Hope dd2 is better soon.
EHM I've probably missed you, but have a great weekend x
TMH enjoy your meet with EHM She's lovely (and little Ellie is a real sweetie too!)
Dlys sorry you had a rough time at soft play I'd agree with Jas that she was prob defensive cos she knew she should have been paying more attention herself.
Dame did yo think of something for tea? We're just having a cheap and cheerful pasta and a tub of sauce

Dd has made a complete recovery We've had a nice day actually. She used her bath bomb (thanks Tort ) then had some lazy time listening to stories before eating lunch and coming with me to work.
We went to collect ds and dd realised it was gardening club (first week) at school so she stayed on and had a great time
Then we all hung out at the park till about 20minutes ago, gorgeous afternoon

No FLYing again though

Off to vote after supper.

Jas · 01/05/2008 17:35

I was so tempted to tell you not to overdo it this morning, but didn't because I alsways seem to be lecturing you GO.
I hope you get some quiet time this evening.

We've collected dd1s glasses, with a bit of a mix up over the cost (I told the optician when we chose she was only to be given free options to look at, and he snuck a £20 pair in.)

I need to do paparerwork this evening, and get an early night.

RubyRioja · 01/05/2008 17:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar · 01/05/2008 18:01

Lunches done for tomorrow

I'm getting there

damewashalot · 01/05/2008 18:21

Bianca, snap! well that's what boys had, we'll eat later as dh not back, in office today.

dylsmum1998 · 01/05/2008 19:12

@ Ruby no not monkey bizz- cant stand that place. it was fundrum i love it there - they let adults play too so i come out as shattered as kids- i love it
now need to get my bum to sainsburys - noticed ds's school trousers have holes coming in the knees.

i know the mum was prob being defensive but it is so easy to loose kids in those places- i lost dd on hols and was in tears. i only turned away to pick up my drink. she was fine- hiding iin a tunnel!!
so i wasnt judging or anything when talkin to her- was just trying to help the little girl. oh well i'd do it again to, not gonna leave adistressed child in case the adult behaves badly!

go when will you learn to take it easy

jas [shock} @ cheeky opitian

scatty ehm and anyone else off for the weekend- enjoy!!

RubyRioja · 01/05/2008 19:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 · 01/05/2008 20:52

i've not been there on a weekend for a long time, i often take dd in the week, i agree lovely cooked breakfasts there i had one for lunch last time i went.
havent been at weekends for a while cos ds gets bored without other big ones he knows, and he's to shy just to go up to people and join in with them
might take him this weekend you've planted a seed lol

tortoise · 01/05/2008 21:17

Evening all.
I have quickly scanned thread but can't remember much! (ewww Mickey has farted pooey!)

Hope those away for weekend have a good one.
Bianca Glad DD recovered quickly and liked the bath bomb.
HN Glad DD is feeling better. PC behaving again so far tonight!
Luda Big decision you have made. Hope all goes well.

I have VERY exciting news today! My Dad is coming back to the UK in the next week or two to sort out the stuff they have in storage waiting to be sent over. I Can't wait to see him. that Mum can't come too. Haven't seen them for over 2 years!

tortoise · 01/05/2008 21:19

Forgot to add i have terrible tooth ache today. Kept me awake half the night too. Ran out of tablets though so had to take calpol! Yuk! 8 spoons of it to equal the same as 2 tablets!

BiancaCastafiore · 01/05/2008 21:33

Great news about your dad Tort You must be so excited!

I'm off to bed in a minute. Dh is still out and I'm exhausted as ds has been creeping into our bed for the past few nights and proceeding to keep me awake all night.

See you tomorrow I expect although dh has taken the day off work so we may head out and about somewhere if I'm up to it

tortoise · 01/05/2008 21:38

yes Bianca i am. but also worried that it will upset me/DC again when he goes.
Hope you have a good day tomorrow if you manage to go anywhere.

grouchyoscar · 01/05/2008 22:03

Dry clothes in
Clothes out for morning
Cats fed
Tea made
Supervise kids playing out (until 8 on a school night
Snack supper and cuppa
Sink shined
S&S round kitchen
Tidy front room

Ed is still awake, he spent his time playing computer games on the BBC Bitesize for Key Stage 1. He was learning really.

So I've got everything sorted even though I had a bloody awful couple of hours

about your Dad Tort

Just waiting for DH to arrive. Night all

dylsmum1998 · 02/05/2008 00:06

well i've done it ladies- i have completed all required assignments for this year at uni. i have just finished the final one ready to hand in tomorrow.
what will you all do without me moaning about how much i have to do - and how little time

i cant beleive how quick the year has gone. i have my exam left thats it. i have officially completed my 1st year at uni
am now off to bed am shattered. trying to come up with excuse for lack of housework now, i need a new one

Jas · 02/05/2008 07:05


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